December 30, 2019

Do you want to have your own online store and sell with GearLaunch? It’s very simple and it’s free! Follow these steps and have your store ready in minutes:

Step 1:
Register with a Gmail account to set up your store.

Step 2:
Create your own designs. We have plenty of resources to help you learn how to create awesome designs. If you need professional help with a particular piece of work, there are many sites where you can find and hire a designer.

Step 3:
Personalize your store. Create your own storefronts and learn how to add descriptions and images.

Step 4:
Add designs to your storefronts! Learn how to personalize a campaign, add tags, or create campaigns in bulk.

Step 5:
Learn how to target the right keywords and add a Facebook pixel to reach the right people, find new customers and drive more sales!

Step 6:
Add promotion codes. Create discounts and share them with your customers to increase your sales.

Step 7:
Get an overview of how your store is performing in your GearLaunch dashboard. Check your orders, your profit, store visits, and conversion rates.

Step 8:
Email your customers! Turn them into repeat buyers by letting them know about your latest designs.

Step 9:
Once your orders have been processed and shipped, collect your payout!

Step 10:
Support for you and your buyers: GearLaunch has an amazing team of support agents dedicated to assisting our sellers and their customers.

Contact email for sellers:

Contact email for buyers:

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