September 24, 2020

Install the GearLaunch app on your Shopify store.

On the Shopify’s home page, you’ll find a menu with different sections. However, most of the processes will be done on the dashboard of the GearLaunch app.

Go to the Apps section, and click on GearLaunch.

You’ll be directed to your dashboard, where you’ll find the main sections of your store.

In the Products section, you will see all your campaigns (products), uploaded through the GearLaunch app.

To upload a new design, click on Create Product on the top right of the screen.

On the next page, name your campaign on the “Product Name” field and add a description.

In the Product Grouping section you can choose one of these two options:

  • Combine Gearlaunch products into a single Shopify product.
  • Split Gearlaunch products into individual Shopify products.

The Combine option will add all your products on the same page of your online store; the Split option each product will have its own page.

Next, click on “Add a product to start designing” to upload your design.

Then, select items from the product categories. On the right side of the screen you can choose the colors for each product and set a price.

Shopify counts your variants, and every color and size on each product counts as one variant. The maximum amount of variants you can add is 100.

Click on the unlink button to unlink the art between the different products added in the same campaign. This way you can position your design separately on each product.

In the Orders section, you’ll be able to see the orders within the GearLaunch app.

In the Billing section, you’ll find 3 tabs:

  • Billing
  • Transaction
  • Subscription

In the Billing tab, add your user information and your payment method, so you can be billed for the cost and shipping of the orders processed through the GearLaunch app. Orders will be billed and processed by GearLaunch every 8 hours.

Please remember that when a customer pays for their order in your store using a credit card, the payment will be processed before the funds are added to your (Shopify) merchant account.

In the Transactions tab, you’ll find the date, time and amount of the payments we’ve collected and any refund processed. To see which orders were collected in each payment, click on “Show Orders”.

The GearLaunch app is free to use, but you can upgrade it to the Premium version for $4.99 US dollars a month and have access to the following:

✅ Prices starting at Silver Tier.
✅ Everything from the free version.
✅ Dedicated seller support.
✅ Phone and email support for your shoppers.

Select the “Enable Support Email” box on the Settings section so we notify your customers when their items are printing and provide them with our customer support information.

You can upload the logo of your online store in the Settings section so your brand is added to the order confirmation email sent to your buyers.

Install the Storefront app if you update the theme of your store to provide app features to your buyers. If you want to uninstall the GearLaunch app, click on “Uninstall”.

Check out base costs, shipping fees and artwork requirements for the products available.

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