September 24, 2020

First, create a new Product within the GearLaunch Campaign section. Next, choose the item, set a price, pick colors, and upload your artwork.  Then, click the button that says, “Convert to a Personalizable Campaign.”

Next, click on the “Add Text area” button.

Select your font choice from the dropdown list, choose a color for the text, and enter your default text. The default text is what your customers will see, prompting them to enter their own personalized text.

Some suggestions: “Your name here”, “Enter text here”, or “Personalize this text”.

Resize and move the text box to fit the appropriate area of your design.
Note: If the text box covers your design, that part of the design will not be seen/printed.

If you would like to add additional lines of personalized text, click the “Add text area” button again. You can add up to 5 lines of personalized text.

Click on “Finish” to save the personalization step. Back on the “Campaign” section, you can edit the personalization box or remove it.

Then, click on “Save and Exit” on the top right of the screen.

On the product page, your customers will see a “Personalization Front” text box. The text entered in the box is what will be printed in the item.


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