Frequently Asked Questions


What is GearLaunch?

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GearLaunch is a Print-on-Demand (POD) company that makes it easy for anyone to create and sell custom products. We handle all the nitty gritty and let our users take care of the fun part – designing and marketing!

Which domain registrar should I use?

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To make the best choice for domain registration, we recommend opting for,, or These registrars have proven to be highly effective for email forwarding, a crucial feature for streamlined customer service.

If you have a different registrar in mind, please contact us in advance to confirm their support for email forwarding. Ensuring this feature is included is essential for seamless communication.

What printing method do you use to print my designs?

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There are two different printing processes used based on the type of the product being used — sublimation and direct-to-garment (DTG).

Where are your production facilities located?

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We have a network of production partners located throughout the US and EU. By maintaining a network of partners we are able to quickly scale and adapt to market needs.

Will customer service be provided?

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Customer service will be provided for your GearLaunch orders. If an order has items that are fulfilled elsewhere, our team will only be able to assist with the GearLaunch products.

Your customers can email your store’s connected support address or or the chat widget located on your storefront.

What do I do if a customer contacts me?

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If a customer reaches out to you, we recommend utilizing one of two convenient options for efficient assistance. Firstly, you can kindly direct your customers to contact us directly at or utilize the chat widget readily available on your storefront. Alternatively, if you prefer to gather essential information from your customers, including their email address, order number, and specific request, you can then transmit this information to our dedicated support team at Rest assured, we will promptly engage with your customer to provide the necessary assistance and support. Your customer's satisfaction is our priority.

What is your customer response time?

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Our goal is to ensure your customers are happy and 100% satisfied with their purchases. During business hours, our average response time to customer emails is under 4 hours.

We are available via email Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm PST.

How do I report a campaign for policy violations?

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As a user-generated content platform, we take infringing content concerns seriously and appreciate you taking the time to report a suspected violation. To place a formal complaint, please follow the instructions on our policy page.


How do I add a store manager?

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To add a store manager, please follow these steps:

Access Your Dashboard: Begin by logging into your account and accessing your Dashboard.

Open Store Settings: Click on the "Store Settings" option within your Dashboard.Add a Team Member: Within the "Team" box located in the right corner of the page, select "Add team member." Please ensure that you enter your team member's email address, bearing in mind that it must be a Gmail account.

Assign a Role: Choose the appropriate role for your team member from the provided drop-down menu.

Save Changes: Click "Save" to confirm the addition of your team member.

Repeat for Additional Members: If you have more team members to add, simply repeat these steps for each one.

Please note: If you manage multiple stores, you'll need to replicate this process for each individual store.

Should you require any further assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Can I edit an uploaded campaign?

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A campaign can be edited only if there are no orders placed in it.

How do I enable site search on my store?

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Enabling “Store Search Bar” will allow your customers to search products and designs across all active launches.

Open your store settings and check the “Show store search bar” field.

Searchable terms:

  • -Product category (i.e. “Apparel”)
  • -Product name (i.e. “Hanes Tagless Tee”)
  • -Campaign name
  • -Campaign description
  • -Campaign path (URL)
  • -Campaign tags

How is my profit calculated?

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Your profit breakdown is based on the price you set, minus the cost of the product and processing fee.

Retail Price $24.95
Basecost $8.30
Subtotal $16.63
Processing Fee (profit – 7%) $1.17
Profit 15.48
Fee % of Total Cost 3.64%

The processing fee covers services associated with the production and sale of products, such as:

  • customer service
  • credit card processing
  • fraud protection

How do I initiate a payout of my profits?

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Please follow the instructions on our step-by-step Payout Guide.


How much does the Shopify GearLaunch App cost?

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You can get started with the Shopify GearLaunch App for free! You will only pay for the cost of producing and shipping orders. If you would like to receive a deeper discount on products and additional benefits you can upgrade to the paid version of the App for $4.99.

You can upgrade at any time, so if you want to just try it out, you can get started with the free version! For more details on what the premium package offers, please visit our site

Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the premium features and enhance your Shopify store's capabilities with GearLaunch!

Will I see my GearLaunch Shopify store with my GearLaunch Platform stores?

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Thanks to our successful partnership with the Shopify technical team, we now have the ability to log Shopify users directly into the GearLaunch App hassle-free! This means that all you need to do is open the GearLaunch App in your Shopify store and you will have instant access to all of your products and orders, no login needed!

Part of this upgrade means that we no longer support store access outside of Shopify. You can still see your store listed with your other GearLaunch Platform stores, but store management can only be accessed through Shopify. Our goal is to keep all of your Shopify business processes under one roof, so your store billing, product creation, and order management can all be easily accomplished within your Shopify Account thanks to the integrated GearLaunch App.

How do I manage GearLaunch orders in my Shopify store?

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When an order is placed that contains a GearLaunch item, there will be order references created in both the Shopify order list as well as in the GearLaunch App.

The GearLaunch order can be seen by going to the GearLaunch App and clicking on “Orders.” A GearLaunch order will only contain items from an order that are being fulfilled by GearLaunch, and you can view detailed status information.

The tracking information will be provided once the items ship.

How do I see reports on how many GearLaunch items I am selling?

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In addition to the Shopify purchase statistics, you can go to the GearLaunch App and click “Orders.” Here you can view detailed order and tracking numbers for each GearLaunch order.


When will the order arrive?

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Orders usually ship 3-5 days from the date the production process started. Actual shipping times and delivery dates may vary depending on the local postal service

Domestic orders will arrive approximately 5-10 business days after they ship. We use a variety of shipping partners, but final delivery is usually via USPS.

Expedited shipping options are available for domestic orders at an additional cost. Expedited shipping guarantees the order will arrive faster than other shipping methods.

For Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico & International orders please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Final delivery is usually via the local postal service.

How do you handle Customs/Duty Charges?

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Customs and duty charges may be applicable depending on the country of origin, size, weight, and/or value of your order.

All taxes, duties, and customs fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

Am I able to track orders?

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Your customers will automatically receive a tracking link as soon as the order ships. They can also use the Track Order function (Where’s My Order?) on your website.

For domestic orders, final delivery and tracking will be handled by USPS.

For international orders, tracking ends once the package arrives at the customs agency for the destination country. At the point the package is handed off to the customs agency, we consider the package delivered.  What this means is that any items lost after that point would be ineligible for a refund, but we may be able to provide a replacement dependent on the cause.

How much does shipping cost?

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Shipping fees are based on the size, weight, and number of the packages in the order. Larger products and additional items will incur slight shipping surcharges. Total shipping charges are shown on the checkout page.

How does the Shipping Warranty work?

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The GearLaunch Shipping Warranty protects your customers when they purchase items sold through our platform. Our warranty covers the condition of the items at delivery and your customers receiving the item they ordered online. If the delivery of the item is unsatisfactory, they can report the problem to GearLaunch and our team will determine if they are eligible for a refund or replacement of the product.

Do you offer expedite shipping to my customers?

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Rush production and expedited shipping options are available for qualified orders at an additional cost for the customer. Rush production guarantees the order will go to production immediately, while expedited shipping guarantees the order will arrive faster than other shipping methods.


What is your replacement & refund policy?

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Because each product is custom printed, it will only qualify for replacement, return or refund if: (i) the product itself is flawed, (ii) the quality of the printing is poor or (iii) the final product is notably different from the product presented on the order screen.

If your purchase meets the above criteria, your customers can email your store’s connected support address or  as soon as possible, within 20 days of the delivery date.

How long does a replacement, refund, or return take to process?

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If a claim is approved, we will request a replacement or issue a refund. Qualified refunds are processed immediately but may take 5-10 business days to appear on your customer’s banking statement depending on their payment method.

If we request item(s) to be returned to us, we will send the qualified refund or replacement to your customer after receiving the return. Customers are responsible for shipping costs on returns.

To qualify for a return, the item must be unused and in perfect condition. Unqualified returns will not be eligible for a refund or replacement, and the item will be forfeited.

My shirt doesn't fit. What do I do?

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If your garment doesn’t quite fit, don’t worry! You can order a size replacement in the same design, style, and color as originally ordered if requested within 20 business days of the delivery date. The size replacement is $10 per item, shipping included.

To help you pick the right size, we’ve included a sizing chart on the product page for most of our apparel items. To start the process, please reach out to us via email or chat; we’ll be happy to help!

Why Does It Cost $10 to Get a Size Replacement?

All our products are made-to-order, and this small fee covers printing and shipping costs. Most print-one-demand companies ask for the original items to be returned- in such cases, the customers are responsible for shipping costs when sending back the garment(s). We don’t! Once the process is completed, donate it, share it, or give it to a friend.

How Long Will it Take for My Replacement to Get to Me?Your replacement will ship out in 3-5 business days from the date it was processed. Actual shipping times and delivery dates may vary depending on the local postal service in your area.

For domestic orders, final delivery and tracking are handled by USPS.

If I Want to Return My Item and Get a Refund, Can I?

We will send a free replacement or look into a refund if you receive a product that is not as ordered; no need to return it! Because your purchase is custom printed exclusively for you, it will only qualify for replacement, return or refund if: (I) the product itself is flawed, (II) the quality of the printing is poor, or (III) the final product is notably different from the product presented on the order screen.

Anything else I should know?

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We cannot accept returns or process refunds if:

  • The item(s) is printed as ordered. We print on demand and therefore cannot accept returns on items without a defect.
  • The return request is not viewed and approved by our team before the item(s) is sent back.
  • The item(s) have been worn or washed.
  • The item(s) have been altered in any way or if they do not have the original tags.
  • The item(s) were a “Final Sale,” during time periods such as Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, etc., and utilized a promo code.

Any refund orders from customers that are due to misleading or false advertising will be deducted directly from the seller’s profits.

GearLaunch reserves the right to make changes to description content in cases where they violate our Terms of Service or can result in a significant negative impact on GearLaunch, Customers, or Sellers.


How can my customers track their orders?

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    Customers will receive a tracking link via email once their order ships. They can use the "Track Order" feature on your website with their order number and email. For multiple items, expect separate packages with individual tracking numbers. Automated shipping updates will also be emailed to customers.

    Can the order be changed or canceled?

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      The production process starts quickly, but we’ll do our best to accommodate any changes to the order before it starts being made.

      Please send us an email at or reach out using the chat widget before production starts. Please include your order number and details on the change to expedite processing it for you.

      Your customers can email your store’s connected support address or or the chat widget before production starts.

      My tracking number isn’t working.

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        Tracking numbers can take 1-2 days to appear in the shipping carrier’s system. Occasionally, the shipping carrier can experience delays in updating their site or delivering an order.

        Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or chat if the tracking number is still not working within 4-5 business days.

        Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at


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