Initial Platform Set Up

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September 24, 2020

Another way to organize your storefront is by creating menus and sub-menus. A menu can have several sub-menu items that will be displayed in a drop down menu or list. This is also a great way to group your pages into categories and help your visitors find them a lot easier.

Let’s say that you’ve created designs for dog and cat lovers and you want to group them under a menu called “Animals.” To create a menu, go to the “Storefront pages” section and click on the “Menu” tab. Then click on the “Add Sub-menu” button.

Next, enter the name of the menu on the corresponding field. Then click on “Save.”

To add a sub-menu, click on the link under that menu and select the storefront you want to add to it, then click on “Save.”

To view your new menu, click on the “View Menu” link.

As you can see, you’ve now created a menu and a submenu in your GearLaunch powered store!


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