September 24, 2020

The purpose of the bulk clone is to clone a campaign with all the same products with a new design.  This will also change the settings such as the name of the campaign & URL path.

To make use of Bulk Clone your store must be already configured, you cannot make use of a bulk clone in a store that is still in preview mode, then you have to choose the campaign you want to clone in the campaigns tab and then click the “Bulk Clone” button.

Next, click on “Select your original or legally purchased images to upload” to open the explorer window and look for your designs you want to make new campaigns from.

Tip: Your campaigns will be named as the name of your artwork file (the same will be done for the URL path), so it’s convenient to use practical names for each of your files for easier identification or easier search for your customers.

Select the images you want to make campaigns of and click the “Open” button.

Upon uploading the new designs for this new campaign, you will see the numbers of “Campaigns Created” changing during this time.

Upload Complete” will be shown on the top of the screen once all the designs you’ve chosen have uploaded. Make sure there are no “Uploaded Errors”, if so, you’ll have to find out which campaign was not uploaded correctly and reupload them.

Go back to the Campaigns tab by clicking on the “Back to Campaigns” link on the top of your screen.

The uploaded campaigns will appear in the campaigns section and they will include the same products/items of the campaign you cloned. Campaign names and URL paths will be shown here:

The cloned campaigns will have the same prices, products and colors of the campaign you have chosen to clone.

Tip: Check each campaign to make sure the artwork is placed correctly on each of the items. Also, please make sure that the artwork is visible and looks well with the colors of the products you selected.

Watch the video:

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