August 28, 2020

A product catalog holds a product feed file that contains a list of all the products you want to advertise. Each line of the product catalog contains a description of each product, including an ID, name, category, availability, product URL, image URL and other product attributes. Adding this to the Business Manager connects the inventory you would like to advertise with your Facebook ad tools.

To upload a product catalog to Business Manager:

  1. Open Business Manager Settings.
  2. Under “People and Assets”, select “Product Catalogs”.
  3. Click “Add New Product Catalog” and choose either “Create a New Product Catalog” or “Request Access to Product Catalog”.
  4. Fill out the remaining information fields.
  5. Decide whether you want to give people access to your catalog and/or pixel, or skip through and click “OK”.
  6. Select your new product catalog and choose “Add Product Feed”.
  7. Choose your Feed Name and Currency, then see below for two more options under Upload Type: “Scheduled Recurring Uploads” or “Single Upload”.
  8. Enter your feed details and click “Upload”.


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