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August 26, 2020

Navigating a new system can sometimes be a challenge and the GearLaunch platform is no different. Follow along this walk-through with one of our account managers to get yourself better acquainted with the seller portal.


Your dashboard is available immediately upon login. This is where your purchase, profit, traffic, and conversion rates are readily displayed.


  • Use the settings section to further personalize your store and platform experience. You can edit your store name, time zone, and upload a new logo and favicon to your store. Our recommended size for logo banners is 400-850 x 100-125 pixels.
  • This is also the section to manage your team and permissions associated with each team member.
  • Addionally, you’ll find email settings here. If you choose to enable email settings (recommended), our system automates trigger emails on your store’s behalf to potential customers that add your design to a cart but fail to complete a purchase. These emails are sent  15 minutes after the action, followed by a second email 3 days later.
  • You’ll notice that support information has been entered for you, including your company name, email, and phone number which will connect customers to a member of our customer service team.
  • Lastly, upload your Facebook pixel to the platform to effectively measure traffic and conversion data. You can also connect your store to Google Analytics using our Google Tag Manager ID.



  • Set up the name for your campaign and a URL that corresponds with your merchandise design. Use keywords in the tags section to easily segment your audience for email marketing or custom audience creation.
  • Under the Cloak and Dagger feature, you have the option to enhance your brand profile by showing your store in search engines and showcasing your social buttons on your landing and purchase confirmation pages.
  • You also have the option to activate upsell discounts. Use this option to tempt customers with an offer they can’t refuse.
  • You can update your Facebook pixel in the campaign section as well as insert a description of the product at the bottom of the page.


The design section is where you can upload designs to your merchandise, select the product type, color, and price. You can use our price estimator on to get an idea of your profit per item sold based on the product you’d like to offer and the number of colors required to print your design.


Here is where you choose the duration of your campaign, whether or not you want your campaign to relaunch automatically after it ends, and whether or not you want to display the time left for a campaign with a countdown timer.

Once you’ve selected your settings, you can begin your campaign by pressing “launch now”.


Linking to your ads is easy with our URL Builder. Simply enter the variable for your ad format (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.), the product you are looking to feature, and the color.


You have a few options when it comes to offering promotions to customers: dollar amount offers, percent discounts, and free shipping offers. Once you’ve entered the optional expiration date and complete your promotion by attach the code at the end of the URL for your campaign or provide your buyers code to enter at the Cart page to enjoy promotion.

Campaign Statistics

Check the status of your campaign in the campaign stats section. You can customize this display to include profit, visits, visitors and ratios, and marketing variables. You can also filter your view by name, category, and by time period.


With launches, you have access to a more comprehensive breakdown of all campaigns. For campaigns set to auto-launch, you can view the details of individual launches.


In the orders section, you’ll find the names of customers, status of orders, and tags associated with each order.


This section gives you full access to data on your customers. This includes their complete history of purchase, email, location, and tags associated with their activity. You can also export this full view into a CSV fil.


Through the payouts dashboard, you can view the balance available to withdraw from your profits as well as the status and history of your previous payouts. All payout requests happen here.

Now that you’re more familiar with the GearLaunch platform and its features, it’s time to launch your first campaign!