August 18, 2023

Halloween is always the main focus for designs in October and this year is no different. Even though many children may have a very different Halloween in 2020, its themes will still be popular. You need to start marketing your Halloween themes no later than the first part of September. Customers will need plenty of time to receive their orders and decorate their spaces for the holiday or enough time to wear their favorite spooky design. There are plenty of other trends you can take advantage of with your October marketing print-on-demand efforts.

Different October Marketing Print-on-Demand Ideas

Virtual Back to School

A new trend for Fall 2020 is virtual back to school. Depending on the location of your audience, they may not be returning to school in person, which provides a new opportunity when it comes to marketing different products.

Product Inspiration

One product we highly recommend selling this fall is our blankets. Help students prepare for colder weather as they learn from home. They’ll love wrapping up in a snuggly blanket with a design they love. This product will also appeal to parents and adults as they work from home this fall.

Blanket with autumn leaves draped over a light tan couch in front of a window

Marketing Inspiration

Retargeting is a powerful tool for online marketing. It allows you to target very specific people who have already visited your store or have abandoned their cart in the past. If you are advertising on Facebook, you can target an extremely specific group, which will improve your conversion rates. It’s also important to create an incentive like a discount or free shipping. Remember, your creative ad is as important as your messaging and your offer.

Cool Weather Wear

As the weather shifts from hot temperatures to cold wintery ones, customers will be looking to add cool-weather wear to their wardrobes. Your designs can target seasonal themes or specific niche themes.

Product Inspiration

One of our most popular winter apparel items is our zip hoodies. They’re popular all over the world because of their versatility. They’re perfect for keeping warm or for layering in the fall months when temperatures are unpredictable. Zip hoodies are also considered stylish and chic and appeal to a variety of audiences.

Black sweatshirt with "Metaphors be with you" in Star Wars styled white text

Marketing Inspiration

As you start to think about your marketing strategies, consider setting up a shop on Facebook. It’s free to add and allows customers to browse your products. You’ll be able to add your product images and descriptions. The ‘Shop’ feature is easy for customers to find on the left navigation on your business page.

The process is slightly different for US-based and non-US-based businesses, so be sure to refer to Facebook’s step-by-step guide on getting started.

October 1: International Coffee Day

Because mugs are such a big seller online, take advantage of upcoming holidays like International Coffee Day as a reason to sell your favorite designs. It’s a day that brings coffee lovers together all over the world.

Marketing Inspiration

As the weather cools down, customers start thinking about ways to keep warm. Your messaging could remind them how lovely a mug of hot chocolate is on a cold day. Depending on your target audience, it may also be appropriate to mention hot toddies for keeping warm or treating a cold. While your designs will catch the eye of your potential customers, your message is equally important.

Yellow background with a white mug with a red apple with "Welcome Back to Home School" in white text

Don’t forget to consider targeting other zany holidays during October. Customers love to find any reason to celebrate their favorite foods or causes!

October calendar featuring October holidays

For tons of Halloween inspiration, check out our guide here.

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