August 11, 2020

When it comes to creating products for an easy upsell or cross-sell, designing a print-on-demand collection is a successful strategy for many online stores. Here are 3 easy steps for creating successful collections that’ll take your business to the next level.

Step 1: Determine Which Product Collection will Interest Your Target Audience

As you consider tackling this new strategy for increasing revenue, you need to understand your audiences wants to pick the right products for your collection. You can email past customers a survey, or create a design and ask for feedback on social media.

Some popular collections include:

Once you have determined your audience’s interest, you are ready to start designing!

Step 2: Design Your Print-on-Demand Collection

A print-on-demand collection should be more than putting the same design on every available product. While some customers may find that appealing, most will look for complimentary designs. Showcase coordinating colors and show customers how they’ll look together through email and social media efforts.

print-on-demand collection

Tips for Designing a Collection:

  • Choose one or two pieces to feature the themed design, then choose aspects of the design for the rest of the items.
  • Example: a shower curtain with a beach scene including shells, a beach umbrella, and striped beach towels, a floor mat with a shell design coordinating with the beach scene style and color, towels that match the striped towel, and a wall canvas with the beach umbrella and a message about summer
  • Coordinate colors so the items complement each other
  • Think about how the collection will look together

Step 3: Upsell & Cross-Sell Your Collection

Promoting your collection is the most important part of this process! Create a banner for your storefront showing the collection, so customers start thinking about purchasing multiple items as soon as they visit your store.

print-on-demand collection

It’s important to create messaging in every part of your marketing efforts directing customers to other items that will complete their collection.

For example:

In the design description, include a phrase like, “Complete your collection!” with links to the other products available in that grouping:

  • Towels <link>
  • Floor mat <link>
  • Wall art <link>
  • Shower curtains <link>

Another easy way to let your audience know about your new collection is through your email campaigns. Create engaging and tantalizing email subject lines for the best open rates.

Check out a few headline templates you can use:

  • Freshen up your <room> with <theme> decor!
  • Shop our <room> sale & create your new space
  • NEW <room> collection!
  • <theme> <room> decor on SALE!

When creating email campaigns, it’s important to pay close attention to your open rate and your conversion rate. When you test variations, only change one thing at a time so you can determine what works best for your audience!

Collections are the perfect way to increase your revenue. Try designing for seasons, holidays, or specifically for your niche. Do your customers love cats? Be creative and design a cat lover’s paradise for their home. Customers love to decorate and what better way to serve your audience than with a complete collection they’ll love.

Ready to start designing? You can have your GearLaunch store up and running in no time! Get started here!

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