How to Create Manual Orders for Online Market Places

December 5, 2022

Step 1: Create a Shopify account

Step 2: Download the GearLaunch application

Step 3: Fill in the Platinum tier upgrade form with the information as below::

*Preference cost for GearLaunch Shopify products:

Step 4: Set up applications and create your products:

Step 5: Set up a method of payment (If you choose to add 2 methods of payment, PayPal will be the prioritized one as default)

Log into the application – Billing – Billing

Step 6: Upgrade the application to Premium 4.99$/month to save up to 10% on each order

Log into the application – Billing – Subscription

In order to check the transaction of the store, Log into the application – Billing – Transaction

Step 7: Choose the $1/month plan in Shopify to use the application to fulfill your orders

Click on Home – Choose ‘Select plan’

Choose the $1/month plan if you just want to use the GearLaunch app to manually fulfill your orders (orders from Etsy, Amazon..)

Step 8: Create orders manually (if you already have a Shopify online store, you can skip this step because when customers make a purchase from a Shopify store, it will be automatically synced to GearLaunch to complete. You should continue this step for the purpose of creating orders manually only.)

  • Go to draft order -> Create draft order

  • Create customer profile -> Create a new customer

  • Choose product -> Browser

After choosing all of the needed information, please choose ‘Mark as paid’ to sync the orders to GearLaunch for the production process.

The order will be updated on the application – In the order section

Note: If you want to cancel your order, please log into the application –  Click on the red ‘Cancel’ button in the orders section (You can only cancel your order if your orders have not been processed for the production stage.)

NEED SUPPORT? Do not hesitate to contact GearLaunch’s Seller Support team by:

1. Request Form:

2. Email: For platform sellers: | For Shopify sellers:

3. Direct conversation in Seller’s dashboard.

4. Social support at Facebook page:


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