Intro to Shopify Alpha

August 28, 2020

We have completely streamlined the GearLaunch app interface to make adding products as simple as possible. All the tools and options that you need to add new GearLaunch products have been consolidated into this simple design page where you can add the product name, description, image, and pricing.

How do I create a new product?


To view your products, orders, and billing information use the menu at the top of the app screen.

On the products page, select “Create Product” which will take you to the design page.

On the design page:

  1. Update the Product Name,
  2. Choose the method of grouping
  3. Update the product description
  4. Upload artwork
  5. Select variant options (styles and colors)
  6. Sync to Shopify! (or click finish and sync multiple products at once on the products page)

Automatic Billing


With the new automated billing functionality, you can put your credit card on file with GearLaunch. Once added, you will be automatically billed for the base price of the product + shipping, right when new orders come in. This hassle-free setup will ensure that orders are processed immediately and automatically.


  1. Under the billing tab, click “Add Payment Method”
  2. Fill out the form with your CC information and address
  1. Click “Save” and you are ready to go!

Once your card is added, all orders will be automatically billed to your CC as soon as the order comes in.

  • You will be billed for the base cost of the items ordered + the shipping cost
  • We currently only support billing through CC, but are exploring additional options and welcome your feedback.

Option to split or combine products in Shopify


Because Shopify limits product listings to 100 variants, we have introduced a new feature to give better control over how products are split or combined. Product variants are defined by specific options such as style, color, and size, and when a product has a lot of choices it easy to go over the 100 variant limit. The variant count is displayed below the Product Grouping setting.

Combine Products

For example, you might sell a product  with 3 options: size, color, and style (tshirt and hoodie). The size option might have three option values: small, medium, or large. The color option might have two option values: blue or green. The product type has two option values: hoodie and tshirt.

With these options all included, this product has 12 variants. This is well below the 100 variant limit, so you would mostly likely want to combine all these options under a single product listing in Shopify.

In this case, you would choose: “Combine GearLaunch products into a single Shopify Product”.

Split Products

As another example, you might have a product with: hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts, 11 colors, and 5 sizes (standard) which will be 110 variants.

Because this is over the 100 variant limit, you have 2 choices in order to lower the number:

  1. You could lower the number of color choices
  2. You can use the “Split GearLaunch product into individual Shopify products”

Choose this option to separate the Hoodie and the Crewneck Sweatshirt into two separate Shopify products. Each of those products will have all of the color and sizing options, but individually they will have 60 variants each, which is below the 100 variant limit.

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