July 28, 2020

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) is a process of printing on textiles using specialized ink jet technology. DTG printers hold the garment in a fixed position and use specialty inks that are applied to the fabric directly by the print head and are absorbed by the garment’s fibers; these features prevent the distortion seen with some other textile printing techniques.

DTG printing injects the color into the fiber, unlike other printing techniques that apply ink or vinyl on top the material. Injecting the ink results in it bonding with the fabric and producing a print that is vibrant with a soft to the touch feel that is more fade resistant than other print techniques.

DTG printing works with the artwork as a whole, there is no need for color separations and layers as with screen printing. As a result, one can reproduce the full color spectrum, with no limitation on the number of tones and can achieve excellent clarity on detailed artwork.

DTG printing allows for customization and color profiling to achieve better color representation and matching. We can calibrate and profile for printing on different substrates and colors.

Inks used for DTG printing are water based, ecofriendly and safe.

Because DTG printing is a new technology, there is constant innovation for improvement and GearLaunch’s printers are always at the forefront of this innovation.


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