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Valentine’s Day selling guide

Valentine’s Day 2024 (February 14) is just around the corner, and it's not just a celebration of love, but a golden opportunity for your print-on-demand business. This day of hearts is not only about romance but a celebration of all forms of love, including self-love!

Understanding Valentine’s Day

History in a Heartbeat: Valentine’s Day, originally a Roman festival, has transformed into a global celebration of love and affection. It’s a day when people express their love through gifts and gestures.

Love in Action: From couples sharing romantic moments to friends and families exchanging gifts, Valentine’s Day has everyone showing love in different forms. It’s not just for couples anymore!

By the Numbers: Statistics show that up to 52% of consumers celebrate Valentine's Day. A surprising 3 in 10 Americans might even go into credit card debt for their V-day spending. And here’s the kicker: 35% of these consumers will shop online for their gifts (according to driveresearch).

Who’s Buying What?

The magic of Valentine's Day isn't just for couples. Here’s who’s buying:

  • Couples, with a higher trend of men gifting women.
  • Parents to children.
  • Pet owners to their furry friends.
  • Friends, particularly among women.
  • People buying gifts for themselves (because self-love matters!).

What Should You Sell?

  • Cards: A staggering 145 million cards are exchanged each Valentine's Day. (according to driveresearch).
  • T-Shirts: Think couple tees, love-themed designs, or shirts for that special someone.

Tips for Maximizing Valentine’s Day Sales

  • Create a Gift Guide: Help your customers navigate through choices. Remember, driveresearch shared that “46% of consumers receive a Valentine's gift they don't like”. Be the solution!
  • Run Special Promotions: Leverage social media and email marketing for exclusive Valentine’s Day sales.
  • Customized Emails: Send personalized emails to targeted customers with their favorite items. These items might be chosen based on their interests, items related to or go well with what they purchased, items in their abandoned bag,...
  • Target the Big Spenders: Men tend to spend more on Valentine’s Day gifts – about $235 on average, compared to women’s $199 (according to driveresearch).
  • Don’t Forget the Kids: They often receive more gifts than their parents!

Valentine’s Day is more than a day of romance; it's a season of love in its many forms. As a print-on-demand store owner, it's a fantastic opportunity to spread love through your products and tap into a lucrative market. Embrace the spirit, get creative with your offerings, and watch your sales bloom like roses in February. Start selling with us today!