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Carded Jewelry Guide

Jewelry is a classic choice for online purchases, which makes it a perfect product for stores to carry. Our new print-on-demand carded jewelry is a little different than the rest, our’s give the opportunity to say something with the jewelry!

According to Statista, jewelry sales will only continue to climb. By 2027, the jewelry market will be close to 60 billion dollars!

Graph showing jewelry sales in 2019-2020

Product Details & Choices

  • Gold heart necklace
  • Silver moon necklace
  • Gold clover bracelet
  • Gold flower necklace
  • Gold bar earrings
  • Silver star earrings
  • All cards are 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • All carded jewelry comes in a box

Different Reasons Customers Will Buy Print-On-Demand Carded Jewelry

There are so many reasons your customers will buy this new carded jewelry!

Replacing Cards

Sometimes a card just isn’t enough. Carded jewelry though, is different. Instead of sending a birthday card, send a necklace attached to a birthday card. This can also work for graduation, mother’s day, and other gift-giving holidays.

Carded jewelry with 2021 Graduate Congratulations with a gold heart necklace in front

Group Gifts

Carded jewelry makes a great option for group gifts. Think like bridesmaid gifts or matching family reunion gifts. With a small inscription on the card, it will make the gift mean so much more.

Carded jewelry with will you be my bridesmaid


Messages don’t just have to be for gifts, they can be the gift themself! Find inspirational and copyright-free quotes that work with the pendant of your choosing.

If you’re a good writer, you could come up with some messages yourself!

Carded jewelry with thinking of you on it with a gold clover necklace in the front

Marketing Inspiration

Jewelry is timeless, which makes it easy to market. Make sure you have good-quality images that capture your design and the shine of the jewelry.

Make sure to post on all of your social media platforms when jewelry-giving holidays are coming up.

If you’ve never had jewelry in your store before, create an email campaign counting down days until the jewelry goes live. That will build excitement among your customers.

Examples of Good Calls to Action

Need a birthday gift idea? Check out birthday carded jewelry!

Send love through a simple message and (type) jewelry!

# of days left until our (theme) jewelry collection goes live!