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Foam Photo Tiles

Modsy surveyed their designer community and found 2020 was the year of home renovation. 69% of people did some sort of home redesign project in the past year. 22% of people realized they didn’t like how their homes looked. This is where foam photo tiles come in.

Product Highlights

  • Dimensions: 8×8 inches
  • Material: fine celled matte foam with beveled edges
  • Not suitable for hanging on coarse-textured walls
  • Magnetic hardware kit available
a round magnet on a white wall with a foam photo tile with another circular magnet on it about to touch

foam photo tile featuring a low sunset over waves


Most renters aren’t allowed to put holes in their walls without losing their security deposit. These foam photo tiles use adhesive magnets to attach them to the wall. When a customer wants to take it down, all they have to do is pull it off and wipe away any residue from the adhesive.

6 foam photo tiles on a yellow wall with a blue couch in front of it

College Students

Similar to renters, college students can’t damage their dorm rooms. These photo tiles are not only great for the dorm walls, but they’re also easy to pack because they’re lightweight. Students can easily pack the tiles in their suitcases.

young man wearing headphones and using his phone while having a laptop in front of him, there is a photo tile on the wall behind him


Photo tiles have a certain sense of freedom that DIYers love. Because of how easy it is to swap, move around, and how inexpensive they are, DIYers can create any sort of gallery they want.

4 foam photo tiles that feature a starfish next to sea foam, an overhead look at a wave, a sunset over waves, and looking up at palm trees

Mothers’ of Young Children

Kids can be accident-prone, but these photo tiles can minimize how much damage there is. There’s no broken glass, no scratches on the wall, or a clean-up process.

pregnant young woman sitting on a rug on the floor in front of a couch with foam photo tiles on the wall behind it

Marketing Ideas for Foam Photo Tiles

A great idea is to make multiple designs for this product and offer them as a collection. You can create special promotions like free shipping specifically with photo tiles. This will encourage people to buy more of them because people love a good deal and to have a full collection.

Also never underestimate the power of Pinterest. According to Modsy, who surveyed their designer community, 44% of people get their design ideas from the internet, especially Pinterest.

horizontal bar graph showing different sources of inspiration: internet is in teal and is 44%, spouse or partner is in dark blue and 15%, family is pink and 13%, friends is yellow and 10%, home design magazines is green and 9%, home design stores is purple and 8%, professional interior designers is bright pink and 4%

Examples of Good Calls to Action

  • Getting ready for back to school? Decorate those dorm rooms with these photo tiles!
  • Special promotion: Free shipping with foam photo tiles. Get the whole collection!
  • Don’t leave your walls bare, check out our latest photo tiles!
  • No damage, no mess, no holes in walls, try our photo tiles!