July 8, 2021

Hooray for August! While it’s the beginning of the end of summer, it opens up new opportunities to target buyers! Things are cooling down and kids are collectively groaning at the thought of going back to school. August also brings a series of interesting holidays, many animal-themed ones, in particular, that can create dynamic trends to jump on. See which of these fun August holiday trends will suit your audience best.

August Holiday Trends

August 6: International Beer Day

Beer is a cultural staple all around the world. In fact, it’s a part of many different cultures’ history. Don’t believe us? Archaeologists found clay tablets with beer recipes on them from 4300 B.C.!

Onto more modern history, International Beer Day was created in 2007, when Jesse Avshalomov and his friends decided beer needed its own celebration. The original reasons for creating this holiday were:

  • Gather with friends to sample and enjoy the taste of beer
  • Celebrate those responsible for brewing and serving beer
  • Unite the world under the banner of beer, by celebrating the beers of all nations together on a single day

What started as a small celebration with friends has now grown to be celebrated over 6 different continents!

Product Inspiration

What better product to use to celebrate this holiday than our insulated wine glasses or travel tumblers? It’s perfect because both will keep customers’ drinks cold as they celebrate.

Many people gather outdoors to celebrate the summer ending. Having drinkware with an easy-to-drink out of cover will keep bugs from falling into their drinks. The best part is since they’re reusable, it’s better for the environment instead of the standard plastic cups.

Wine Glass Details

  • Holds 12 oz. of liquid
  • Stays cool for 9 hours, 3 hours for hot
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Splash resistant BPA-free lid

Traveler Tumbler Details

  • 2 sizes: 15 oz. & 30 oz.
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 30 oz. tumbler has a tapered bottom to fit into cup holders
  • 15 oz. has a screw-on lid & 30 oz. has a snap-on lid
August holiday trends product idea: A large travel tumbler with the top half being a light gold with "I like big mugs and I cannot lie" in white, the bottom half of the tumbler is white, the background is light green

Marketing Inspiration

Because of how social this holiday is, make sure to put most of your effort into social media. Start showing off your product in early July so customers have enough time to order. At the end of July try sharing some interesting facts about beer to keep this holiday fresh in their mind.

Ask customers for pictures of them using your products on the 6th and after. It’ll show other customers that people like your products. Your customers will love the shout-out and special attention!

August 9: Book Lovers’ Day

Reading is a fun way to relax and escape the stresses of the real world. Reading expands a person’s world and often creates more empathic people. It’s no surprise a national holiday was created to give bibliophiles (book lovers) a day to read and celebrate their love of books. The time and creator of this holiday remains shadowed in mystery despite being such a popular day.

Product Inspiration

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any product for this holiday, but one product that might work exceptionally well is a good old fashion journal! For some, Book Lover’s Day is about putting away technology for paper and ink. A journal is perfect for readers wanting to take notes about what they’re reading, creating a list of books they want to read in the future, and maybe even writing their own stories.

You can use images of books, quotes by famous authors (make sure to credit them), or the many memes and jokes about bookworms.

Hardcover Journal Details

  • 5.75 X 8 inches in size
  • 75 lined pages
  • Pages are perforated and easy to tear out
  • Durable cover

Softcover Journal Details

  • 5.75 X 8 inches in size
  • 100 lined pages
  • Pages are perforated and easy to tear out
  • Rounded edges to prevent bending
August holiday trends product idea: A teal notebook with a pile of books with the very top book open with a rainbow and a rocket ship coming out of it on a bright green background

Marketing Inspiration

Get more eyes on your products and more followers by holding a giveaway! Decide how many journals to give away based on your audience size and put it on all your social media platforms. The post should have an image of the journal and the rules for the giveaway.

To increase followers, have the rules be that they have to like the post and tag a friend. This way more people are going to see your store and by having customers tag their friends, you gain trust from the newcomers.

It’s a win/win for everyone!

August 12: World Elephant Day

If you’re in the animal niche, this is an especially important holiday for you. World Elephant Day is not just a day to celebrate elephants but to advocate for them. With a rise in poaching, ivory trade, and habitat loss, we may soon find ourselves in a world without elephants.

According to, elephant numbers have dropped 62% in the last decade alone. This day is meant to educate and encourage people to enjoy elephants in nonexploitive ways, like visiting well-run sanctuaries. Get your animal-loving audience to join in on this important holiday.

Product Inspiration

Because this holiday has such an important message, it may be best to do more than one product. Make sure to use everyday items like apparel, phone cases, and tote bags that way customers will be more inclined to buy. Not only is it for a good cause but they can actually use it too.

Samsung Phone Case Details

  • 3 versions: The Slim Case, the Snap Case, & the Flexi Case
  • All 3 are made of impact-resistant Polycarbonate material
  • All 3 have clear, open ports for connectivity
  • The Slim and Flexi Case doesn’t add to the overall size of the phone
  • The Tough Case is dual-layered for extra durability

iPhone Phone Case Details

  • 3 versions: The Slim Case, the Snap Case, & the Flexi Case
  • All 3 are made of impact-resistant Polycarbonate material
  • All 3 have clear, open ports for connectivity
  • The Slim and Flexi Case doesn’t add to the overall size of the phone
  • The Tough Case is dual-layered for extra durability
August holiday trends product idea: A pink and white phone case with old style illustrations of elephants wearing a top hat, little glasses, and a scarf tied in a bow, the background is bright blue

Marketing Inspiration

Make sure to start early with your advertising and use both social media and email campaigns. Share elephant facts and the importance of this cause. Ask your current audience to share your posts/emails with their animal lover friends.

Show pictures of your products to entice people to buy them. Explain that your products can be a great conversation starter about the cause.

August 17: Black Cat Appreciation Day

Another animal-themed August holidaytrend is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Why a day specifically for black cats? Because they have a pretty bad reputation in some cultures. In the Middle Ages, a group of people decided that black cats were witches in disguise and that theme of spooky and dangerous never left this type of cat. Some people still believe it’s bad luck for a black cat to cross their path.

This holiday is all about celebrating black cats and encouraging people to adopt them. Sadly, black cats are the least likely to get adopted due to reasons like superstition, being hard to see, or even not being photogenic due to their dark fur.

Who doesn’t want a mini panther prowling around the house?

Product Inspiration

Cats are cuddly and warm, and you know what else is cuddly and warm? Blankets! With August being halfway through and fall starting to creep in, a blanket is a perfect product for this holiday. We have three styles of blankets: fleece, mink, and sherpa.

If you already have enough blankets, you can also offer our new photo tiles featuring fun black cat artwork. The photo tiles are great because they’re easy to put up and lightweight. The adhesive magnets are what make it so easy to install.

Fleece Stadium Blanket Details

  • 3 sizes: 30”x 40”, 50″x60″, 60″x80″
  • Machine washable
  • 100% polyester heavyweight fleece
  • Customizable front; back is a solid color

Mink Blanket Details

  • 3 sizes: 30”x40”, 50″x60″, 60″x80″
  • Machine washable
  • Made of poly-microfiber
  • Customizable front; back is a solid color (white)

Sherpa Blanket Details

  • 2 sizes: 50″x60″, 60″x80″
  • Made of poly-microfiber
  • Faux wool underside
  • Customizable front; back is a solid color (white)
  • Machine washable

Photo Tile Details

  • Hang and reposition easily with adhesive magnets.
  • Fine Celled Matte Foam with beveled edges
  • Durable and lightweight for easy hanging
  • Not suitable for hanging on coarse-textured walls
  • Hardware kit available (additional fee may apply)
August holiday trends product idea: Fluffy black cat sitting on a teal blanket with yellow, orange, red, white, and dark blue cats all over it, the blanket draped across the back of a chair

Use fun designs featuring black cats. You can create a pattern out of them, do a large illustration, or even focus on being a pet parent. The possibilities are endless!

Marketing Inspiration

Marketing this holiday is easy if you’re already in the cat lover niche, just talk about black cats. Share information about the holiday and its importance. Ask customers for pictures of their black cats or stories about their black cats on social media.

Make sure you have plenty of pictures of your product to entice customers. You can even joke about how the customer and their cat can share it.

And remember, start early so people have enough time to order and receive it for the holiday.  

August 26: National Dog Day

We can’t have a holiday celebrating cats and not have one for dogs! National Dog Day was created in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle expert, animal rescue advocate, dog trainer, and author Collen Paige. She also created National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day, National Cat Day, and National Wildlife Day. So needless to say, she’s an animal lover.

Collen chose August 26th because that’s when she adopted her first dog at 10 years old. The goal of this and the other holidays she created are to encourage adoption. It’s also to celebrate and thank dogs for all that they do whether it’s being a best friend or having major jobs like detecting bombs or illnesses in people.

Product Inspiration

What better gift for them than a comfortable bed to lay in? Our pet beds are for both indoor and outdoors, and cozy no matter where you put them. Like with blankets, the pillows will keep your best friend warm as the fall and winter come thanks to the soft fleece fabric on top.

Pet Bed Details

  • 3 sizes: small, medium, large
  • Outdoor bed has weather-resistant fabric
  • Removable insert for easy washing
  • Mold and mildew resistant
August holiday product idea: white pet bed with tan and brown spotted dog and black cats and phrases like "Pet Lover, Woof, Meow, Dog, Cat,

Marketing Inspiration

Make sure to highlight the love and gratitude this holiday brings to your dog lover audience. Don’t be afraid to share your relationship with dogs and encourage others to do the same. Make sure to show off your products with high-quality photos.

Let your customers know that these beds are great beyond this one holiday and will be especially cozy in the winter. Offer a special discount code on National Dog Day to encourage people to buy.

We even have our own guide on how to sell these beds too!

Here’s a helpful calendar featuring all of the August holiday trends mentioned in this article!

Calendar with the august holidays mentioned in this article

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