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Pet Beds

Selling Guide

It’s no secret that the number of pet parents has exploded over the years. According to American Pet Products Association (APPA), around 67% of US households have at least one pet. Spending money on food, vet appointments, pet beds, etc., has skyrocketed.

The overall value of the pet industry is $99 billion. The pet furniture market online is $2.1 billion and is rising fast. That’s a market you NEED to tap into.

Bar graph where the bars are blue fuzzy paws: 2019 is $2.21 billion, 2020 is $2.33 billion, 2021 $2.45 billion, 2022 $2.58, 2023 $2.71, 2024 $2.85, 2025 $3 billion

Product Highlights

  • Indoor and outdoor versionsof the pillow
  • 3 sizes: small, medium, large
  • Outdoor bed has weather-resistant fabric
  • Removable insert for easy washing
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Soft fleece fabric on the top
Close up of indoor pet bed, white background with black paw prints and GearLaunch Logo

Pet Beds

Did you know that dogs can spend around 50% of their day sleeping and an additional 30% resting? Cats spend around 2/3s of their day asleep. Comfortable pet beds are essential for any pet parent.

While there are a lot of different pet beds out there, there aren’t many custom ones. Make sure to highlight how different your pet beds are compared to the standard ones carried in stores.

You already have an advantage because 77% of millennials like to buy pet supplies online, and more than half of millennial pet owners get their pet a gift once a month.

Millennial customers are also more likely to spend a little extra money to have their pet’s accessories match their home. As the graph above shows, the pet furniture market, in particular, has been steadily rising.

pet bed with bones, food bowls in bright colored circles with an outdoor background

Getting More Than One Bed

Don’t be afraid to encourage customers to buy more than one. It’s common knowledge that most pets need more than one bed. Depending on the age, size, and personality of the pet, customers could end up having a bed in almost every room! That doesn’t even include outdoor spaces, crates or carriers, and vehicles.

People always want to make sure their furry baby is comfortable.

It also helps to have more than one bed because they need constant washing to stay nice and clean. Experts believe washing beds once every week or two should be the standard.

White pet bed with black paw prints and Tony printed across it

Marketing Ideas

Treat your customers’ pets like their children, because that’s how they see them. Use social media to your advantage, pet owner or not, everyone likes looking at pictures of animals. Take photos of pets relaxing on your products and try asking pet owners to show off their pets enjoying the bed too.

Examples of Good Calls to Action

  • Looking for a comfortable bed for your pet? Look no more!
  • Could what your fur baby is sleeping on be improved?
  • Get your furry loved one a custom bed!
  • Does your pet’s sleeping space need an upgrade?
  • Ruff-ing it outdoors? Get your furry bestie a personalized outdoor bed!