DNS Records Setup for Putulhost

October 3, 2023

To get started setting up your store on your own domain using our platform, visit our website, and click on “JOIN US TODAY.”

Click on the “LOGIN” button. Use  your Gmail address and password to log in.

Fill out the Gear Launch Seller Registration Form and then click “Submit.”

Accept the GearLaunch Seller Agreement.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page; add your Domain registrar and your Domain then click the “Submit” button.

It usually takes less than 24 hours to receive approval for your store.  You’ll be notified by email once it’s approved.

After your store gets approved, you can log in to your GearLaunch account. In your dashboard, click on the green bar that says, “This GearLaunch site is not launched yet! Click here to see your DNS settings page.”

Next, click on the “Check DNS records” button.

Copy the values from here to update your domain registrar with these DNS records and values.

Go to your domain registrar website and log in to your account.

Update your DNS records with the information you got from your GearLaunch dashboard.

Once you’re set up with your GearLaunch account, log into your account. Click on “Domains”.

Next You should search your domain name into the Domain list using the indicated search bar if necessary and later click on the "Manage" button.

In this section You will see the configurations of your domain for the DNS records and the Email Forwarding.

For the DNS records you should click in the “DNS Management” and add the indicated records in the Gearlaunch website.

For the Email forwarding, you should scroll down until you see the Email Forwarding option in the left side of the site to set up Email Forwarding

( to

Once you have updated your DNS records on your domain registrar, go back to your GearLaunch dashboard and click the “Verify DNS records” button.

Video instruction: