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June 24, 2023

July is a month full of special days, which means plenty of opportunities to boost your sales. In this 2023 July Trends Report, we will discuss the top trends that you need to be aware of to maximize your profits this July.

Why do you need this 2023 July Trends Report?

GearLaunch’s 2023 July Print On Demand Trends Report is an essential guide for anyone looking to make the most of the Print On Demand market in July.

With insights into the top trends and products that are likely to sell well, this report will help you to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your sales.

Special Days in July

Special days are the perfect opportunity to increase your sales, so it’s important to know which days to focus on. Here are some of the key dates to keep in mind:

2023 July Print On Demand Trends Report focuses on the special days

Top Trends in July

International Joke Day (July 1st)

GearLaunch’s 2023 July Print On Demand Trends Report starts with a fun-filled day. International Joke Day is all about laughter and humor. This is the perfect opportunity to sell items with funny quotes.

Consider selling T-shirts, Phone cases, Stickers, and other products with humorous quotes and jokes. These items are always popular and will likely generate a lot of interest and sales.

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Independence Day (July 4th)

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays in the United States. That’s why our 2023 July Print On Demand Trends Report would be nothing without this information. Celebrate Independence Day with items in blue, red, and white colors. USA’s flag-printed items are also great sellers.

T-shirts, Lawn signs, and Tapestries are some of the best-selling items. You can also consider selling items with patriotic quotes and images.

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World Chocolate Day (July 7th), National Ice Cream Day (July 17th), and National Hot Dog Day (July 19th)

2023 July Print On Demand Trends are lots of fun because they have 3 food-celebration days. On these food-filled days, consider selling anything related to chocolate, ice cream, and hot dogs. You can consider selling items with images of these foods or quotes related to them. For example, “Life is short, eat the ice cream” or “Happiness is a hot dog.”

Napkins, tablecloths, placemats, and other food-related items are great sellers.


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World Emoji Day (July 17th)

Emojis are everywhere! On World Emoji Day, consider selling T-shirts, Tumblers, Stickers, and other items with emoji designs. These items are always popular and will likely generate a lot of interest and sales.

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Parents’ Day (July 23rd)

2023 July Print On Demand Trends end with a day of gratitude – Parents’ Day. This is a perfect opportunity to show love and gratitude towards the parents. Consider selling Greeting cards with parents-loving quotes.

Or T-shirts, Mugs, Tote bags, and other items with heartwarming quotes. You can also consider selling items with images of family members or quotes about family, such as “Family is everything” or “Home is where your mom is.”

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2023 July Trends Report Conclusion

July is an exciting month full of special days and top trends. By staying on top of these trends and focusing on the right products, you can maximize your sales and make the most of this exciting month.

Regardless of what you are selling, there’s something for everyone this month if you are reading this 2023 July Print on Demand Trends Report. So get creative, stay on trend, and watch your sales soar!