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June 3, 2022

July 2022 Print-On-Demand Trends to Focus On

We’re at the peak of summertime in the Northern hemisphere and it’s time to enjoy some fun in the sun! July is full of opportunities for new product ideas and marketing strategies. We’ve picked a few holidays to focus on for our July 2022 Print-On-Demand Trends Report.

July Holidays

All Month Long: World Watercolor Month

World Watercolor Month is a way to bring awareness and raise funds for art education. It also celebrates the medium of watercolor, which is a form of painting using paint that starts to dissolve in the water, leaving various shades of a single color in each stroke.

Traces of watercolor paintings can be seen on prehistoric cave walls!

Product Inspiration

While wall art would be the expected product choice for this holiday, why not go with the unexpected? Try face masks or neck gaiters instead! It’s becoming more and more common to wear face masks, so why not have them look cool with a watercolor design?

Face Mask Details

  • Made of 100% polyester microfiber fabric, single layer
  • Has UPF 35
  • Machine washable
  • Bleachable with no color fade
  • Not a medical-grade mask

Neck Gaiter Details

  • Can be worn in a variety of ways
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Has UPF protection
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Fade-resistant
  • Machine Washable
Watercolored facemask with black ear loops

Marketing Inspiration

Focus on image-heavy social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure to have high-quality photos of your product so people will want to buy from you. Use hashtags like #art, #watercolor, and #artfashion to get the attention of people who would love this product.

CTA Examples

July is World Watercolor Month, check out our special collection!

Show off your more #artistic side with our watercolor face mask!

July 3: International Plastic Bag Free Day

It’s no secret that plastic is bad for the environment. Did you know that it can take around 500 years for plastic to disintegrate? This holiday is meant to bring awareness to environmental issues and encourage people to use fewer plastic bags.

Product Inspiration

It would be wrong to choose any other product other than the tote bag. Tote bags are a great replacement for plastic bags, plus they’re reusable and washable. Put your most popular design on a tote bag to get as many sales as possible.

Tote Bag Details

  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Design printed on both sides
  • The inside of the bag is black
  • Has one-inch wide cotton webbing straps
  • Three sizes 13X13, 16X16, and 18X18 inches
  • Machine washable
White tote bag with a green cartoon alligator

Marketing Inspiration

Focus on gaining the attention of eco-conscious people on social media and through emails. They’re the ones who are more likely to buy tote bags to help the environment. Share some interesting facts about environmental changes that are happening and how people can help save the earth.

CTA Examples

Plastic bags are bad for the environment, try our tote bags instead!

Our most popular design is now on tote bags! Check it out!

July 4: Independence Day

It’s America’s birthday! Americans love to celebrate this holiday all day long. If you’re looking for some product and marketing inspiration, check out our Independence Day selling guide!

July 9: Collector Car Appreciation Day

Cars are a huge part of American history and many people spend their lives dedicated to collecting and restoring a variety of cars. People will show off their cars at shows so that other car lovers can appreciate them.

Product Inspiration

Have your customers show off their love of cars every day with a classic t-shirt! You can pick a style of car to focus on. While a specific image of a car can be copyrighted, creating your own illustration of a car is safe to do.

You can also use quotes about cars and car collecting, just make sure to credit the quote’s author.

Examples of usable Quotes

“Cars are the sculptures of our everyday lives.” –Chris Bangle

“All of those cars were once just a dream in somebody’s head.” –Peter Gabriel

“We aren’t addicted to oil, but our cars are.” –James Woolsey

T-Shirt Details

  • Heavyweight and durable
  • Has a double-needle hem and neckband
  • Loose fit
  • Solid colors are made of 100% cotton
  • Charcoal Heather is 50% cotton, 50% polyester
  • Sport Grey is 90% cotton, 10% polyester
  • Ash is 99% cotton, 1% polyester
Dark t-shirt with a red older style car on it

Marketing Inspiration

Look through Facebook to see if there are any car collecting groups and join them. This is the best way to reach people who would not only celebrate this holiday but also would want to buy your product. Interact with these groups before you try to sell to them, if you don’t, you may seem spammy.

Another option is Pinterest. Many people will go to Pinterest looking for gift ideas and how the platform is organized with “boards” makes it easy to find what they’re looking for. Create a board for car collectors and watch as people look, pin, and buy from you.

CTA Examples

Share your love of classic cars with our new t-shirt!

Got a car lover in your life? Check out our new collection!

July 11: All American Pet Photo Day

Pets may be the best photo subjects ever! You can take artsy photos, silly photos, and selfies with them by your side. Celebrate this holiday by taking a ton of photos of your pet and sharing them online or displaying them in your home!

Product Inspiration

Photo tiles are perfect for this holiday! Customers can arrange and rearrange their pet photos with ease because they’re lightweight and easy to hang.

Photo Tile Details

  • Made of fine celled matte foam
  • Has adhesive magnet hardware
  • Durable
  • Has beveled edges
  • Not suitable for hanging on coarse-textured walls
Photo tile with a dog getting a bath, he's not happy

Marketing Inspiration

Social media and pets go hand in hand. Interact with your audience on all your social media platforms to sell for this holiday. Talk about pets, ask about their pets, anything to get a conversation started. The more engagement a post has, the more eyes will see it and your products.

You can even hold a contest where the prize is a free photo tile. The contest can be for the best pet photo and your audience can send images and encourage others to do the same. You can make them “following you” and “tagging someone else” part of the requirements to win.

CTA Examples

Show off your pets with our photo tiles!

Show us your best pet photo for a chance to win a free photo tile!

July 17: National Tattoo Day

Tattoos are a work of art and a way for people to express themselves. Tattooing is when someone injects ink under the skin to create an image that lasts forever. To become a tattoo artist you must go through an apprenticeship and years of training.

Product Inspiration

Tattoo-styled art is very popular, even when it’s not on someone’s body. A tapestry would be a great canvas for this style of art. Customers can hang the tapestry on their wall for all to see.

Tapestry Details

  • Made of lightweight polyester
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use
  • Three sizes: 51X60, 68X80, 88X104 inches
  • Can choose either vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Machine washable
Tapestry feature tattoo-style art

Marketing Inspiration

Focus on Instagram and Pinterest for this holiday. Instagram is great because it’s image-heavy and tattoo enthusiasts use it to show off their tattoos or find tattoo artists. Use high-quality images to grab your customers’ attention.

Pinterest is great for people looking for something specific thanks to the platform’s boards. Create a tattoo-themed board and make sure to include your product and a link to your store page. Make sure to share these boards on other social media platforms.

CTA Examples

Like tattoos? We do too! Check out our new tattoo-themed collection!

National Tattoo Day is coming up! We’re celebrating with new products!

July 29: National Lipstick Day

Lipstick is more than just makeup. It’s a confidence booster, a part of history, and a way to express yourself. This holiday is a day to celebrate all things lipstick!

Product Inspiration

Stickers are perfect for lipstick lovers. They can customize anything they want with a variety of lipstick-themed designs.

Sticker Details

  • Made of white vinyl
  • Features a satin finish
  • Ink is water-based, semi-gloss, and latex
  • Water-resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Kiss-cut
  • Easy to remove
  • Leaves no residue
  • Bubble free
  • Microwave safe
  • Greenguard certified
  • Vertical, horizontal, and bumper sticker options
Pink circular sticker featuring red lipstick and " Wake Up and Makeup" on it

Marketing Inspiration

Grab the attention of makeup lovers! Show off your lipstick stickers on platforms where makeup is popular. Think Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. Make sure to have plenty of photos featuring your stickers. You can show them being put on laptops, makeup bags, or on cars.

Share videos of people doing makeup, especially those that are focused on lipstick to grab people’s attention. Follow this up with a post about your products or even posts about National Lipstick Day. You’ll be surprised how many people will be excited about this holiday.

CTA Examples

Every day can be National Lipstick Day with our lipstick stickers!

Love lipstick? Check out our new sticker collection!

All Done With July

So that’s it with our July 2022 Print-On-Demand Trends Report! July brings a wide variety of holidays to celebrate and market to your audience. What’s your favorite holiday? What holiday do you think your audience will like the most?

Make sure you come back monthly for new trends reports! If you want something to read in the meantime, check out our blog! It’s full of helpful advice about running your business, marketing, and art!