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November 4, 2020

December is just around the corner, which means your campaigns need to be up and running ASAP! This year, increase your holiday revenue by offering more products for sale. Customers no longer look online just for t-shirts, they shop for just about everything online. Check out some December trends and our top products you should be selling this year!

December Trends and Holiday Gift Ideas

Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a hot new item available in your GearLaunch store, and just in time for the holidays! Wine glasses are an incredibly popular item and sell well online.

Target audiences might include:

  • Moms and grandmas
  • Teachers
  • Wine lovers
  • Parents

Design Ideas:

This year, spruce up your holiday campaigns with funny designs on wine glasses your customers can personalize!

  • This is my {holiday} movie wine glass
  • Dashin’ through the {type of wine}
  • Happy Holidays {family name}
  • {type of wine} is cheaper than therapy


Jewelry is a wonderful item for print-on-demand stores during the holidays. About 23% of online jewelry sales occur in December. It’s the perfect gift and customers love how much meaning and thought goes into choosing the perfect piece.

Design Ideas:

Design your jewelry so it’s meaningful to your customers. You can go with a more sentimental design or even provide personalization options. Customers love items with their names included. They’ll also appreciate jewelry designs that help them remember people or pets they love.

Zip Hoodies

Festive hoodies sell like hotcakes during the next few months. The ugly sweater craze hasn’t even begun to die off. Customers are always looking for something fun and new to wear for the holiday season. Zip hoodies are a popular product with print-on-demand businesses because there are so many fun ways you can design for this product.

Design ideas:

Many families gather during the holiday season. Offer a design that appeals to families. Brainstorm personalization ideas, or keep it generic. It’s a good way to increase revenue because families will want to purchase enough for every member of the family.


Every coffee lover loves a good mug design and the holidays are a fantastic time to sell ceramic mugs! Search volume for the term “funny mugs” is 14,800 per month, so there’s a large audience looking for coffee mugs. While it may be difficult for a new print-on-demand business to compete for such a large search term, you can set yourself apart by being more specific in your keyword descriptions. If your mug designs focus on cat lovers, consider using the term “funny cat mugs” so you can compete with a much lower volume search term.

Design ideas:

Customers love novelty holiday items! Consider designing a Christmas-themed mug for your target audience. If animal lovers are your focus, be creative and try out a festive cat mug. Or create a design your customers can personalize. Mugs are also wonderful gifts and you’ll want to remind them about gifting in your marketing messaging.

Wall Art

Wall art is perfect for increasing your revenue in your store! Customers love decorating for the holidays and are also looking for fun gifts for their loved ones. They can choose from a variety of art mediums such as traditional canvas, acrylic and metal, posters, and even tapestries. Encourage your customers to give art as a gift to a loved one this year.

Design Ideas:

Consider creating a Christmas design that customers can hang on their wall during December, or perhaps a “Thankful” design for Thanksgiving. While the art may not hang on the wall for long, it’s something customers can use every year.

One of the biggest benefits of print-on-demand is that you don’t have to worry about storing products when you aren’t sure if they’ll sell. Simply offer awesome designs based on these December trends on new products and see how much you can increase your revenue! Don’t forget to use upselling and cross-selling strategies as you begin to offer some of these fun new products!