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March 4, 2022

Can you believe we’re already talking about April trends? It seems like just yesterday we were talking about the new year! Our April 2022 Print-On-Demand Trends Report features fun and silly holidays that you and your customers are sure to love!

April 2022 Print-On-Demand Trends Report

April 2: National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

This is a fun little holiday to celebrate the classic PB&J sandwich. Did you know that this sandwich wasn’t an official recipe until 1901? It was put in a Boston cooking magazine by home economist Julia Davis Chandler.

People love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because they’re easy to make, inexpensive, and nutritious.

Product Inspiration

You don’t have to go literal with this holiday. Instead, focus on how PB&J is a great pair. Create special sets of products for friends and loved ones to share. Make matching shirts, mugs, stickers and so much more. People of all ages love matching products to show how much they care for one another.

Mug Details

  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Passed all US FDA tests
  • Available in two different sizes: 11 and 15 ounces
  • Printed in sublimation
Two white mugs: one has a jelly side of a sandwich that says "You're the peanut butter", the other mug has a peanut butter side of a sandwich that says "to my jelly"

Marketing Inspiration

For this holiday, you have a two-part marketing strategy. The first part is social media. You need to make a lot of posts about how important it is to have a partner, platonically or romantically, in your life. Next, you need to have high-quality photos of your products. Once these are done on all your social media platforms, you can start using CTAs to encourage your audience to become customers and buy these products.

The second part of this strategy is to create and advertise a special promotional code. Have this promo code work only on the products that have to do with PB&J. An example could be a “Buy One, Get One Free”.  This will encourage people to buy the products because they’ll save money. If you aren’t sure how to make a promo code, we have an Academy lesson on it!

CTA Examples

Don’t be jelly about our special friendship collection!

Show your friend that you’re the peanut butter to their jelly with our new products!

April 9: National Unicorn Day

Who doesn’t like unicorns? They’re beautiful, magical, and graceful. They may be one of the most popular mythical creatures ever. They often appear on clothes, decorations, and in media.

Unicorns have been found in ancient Mesopotamian art and mentioned in different myths from China, Greece, and India.

Popular media that includes unicorns are The Harry Potter Series and the My Little Pony TV series.

Product Inspiration

You want a product that can reach unicorn lovers of all ages, and curtains are the perfect product. Curtains are both useful and allow customers to express their personalities. Our curtains work well in a bedroom, playroom, or living room!

Make sure to use bright colors and magical imagery along with unicorns that way you capture everything people like about them.

Plus, if you want to cross-sell, create an entire unicorn-themed bedroom collection.

Curtain Details

  • Sheer and blackout options
  • Single panel
  • Comes with a 4-inch rod pocket at the top
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
White curtains with an astronaut unicorn on it

Marketing Inspiration

Use social media to your advantage when marketing these product(s). Focus on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, because they all have a wide range of users and focus heavily on images. As always make sure your images are high quality and show off your product(s) in the best light.

CTA Examples

Add a little magic to your life with our unicorn-themed bedroom collection!

Our new product is colorful and magical. Can you guess what it is?

April 14: National Gardening Day

Spring is coming and that means gardens are ready to bloom. National Gardening Day is the kickoff to the spring season and gets gardeners of all skill levels excited.

Gardens are great for flower and food lovers. Many people have created their own fruit and vegetable gardens to get fresh food for their meals. People want to know where their food is coming from and gardens of all sizes are popping up all over the world, both in big cities and in rural areas.

Product Inspiration

Gardeners need a place to put all their tools in right? What better place than a sturdy tote bag? Gardeners can put all their tools, packets of seeds, and anything else they need in one of our tote bags.

Create a garden-themed design! You can use phrases about gardening, creating patterns out of flowers, fruits, or vegetables, or something that mixes these ideas.

Tote Bag Details

  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Print is on both sides
  • Inside of the bag is black
  • Features one-inch wide cotton webbing straps
  • Three sizes 13X13, 16X16, and 18X18 inches
  • Machine washable
White tote bag that says "Gotta Love Gardening!" surrounded by fruits, veggies, flowers

Marketing Inspiration

See if there are any gardening groups you can join on Facebook. Make sure to not advertise to people right away, because that will immediately get you kicked out. Instead, join ahead of this holiday and integrate yourself within the group. Like posts and photos of people’s gardens and make posts about National Gardening Day. Then once the day arrives, you can show your products and talk about how gardening inspired your designs.

You can also use Pinterest because there are numerous boards about gardening.

CTA Examples

Keep all your gardening tools in one place with our new gardening tote bag!

Gardens are growing, birds are singing, and our National Gardening Day products have arrived!

April 17: Easter

Easter is a fun and colorful holiday, whether you’re religious or not. We have a great Easter selling guide that offers product ideas and plenty of inspiration. What is the Easter Bunny going to bring you this year?

April 22: National Jelly Bean Day

Candy may be one of the greatest edible inventions of all time, just don’t tell dentists. Jelly beans are simple, they’re made of sugar, corn syrup, and starch. That’s it.

They appeared in America as early as the 1800s, though there is no one person to credit the invention of jelly beans. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan became obsessed with jelly beans after quitting smoking. He often popped one in when he had the urge to smoke. Then decades later, in the 2000s, the Harry Potter series revitalized jelly beans’ popularity, and even the wacky flavors from the series were created.

Product Inspiration

Why not add a little bit of color to your dinner table with jelly bean-themed placemats! Because jelly beans come in a rainbow of colors, these placemats will go with everything! In fact, you could create a whole kitchen collection for your customers with a sweet tooth!

Placemat Details

  • Comes in polyester twill and cotton twill
  • Placemats are 18X14 inches
  • Design is printed on the top
  • Machine washable
Blue placemat with a jelly bean pattern under a white plate and cup

Marketing Inspiration

Focus on emails with this holiday. Social media platforms may still be covered with images leftover from Easter or after Easter sales. Send a couple of emails before Easter, but focus on emails after Easter. You can even make jokes about having leftover Easter candy as a segway.

CTA Examples

Jumping jelly beans! We’ve got the sweetest products yet!

If you’ve eaten all your Easter candy, don’t be sad. National Jelly Bean day is just around the corner!

April 23: National Picnic Day

The weather is warming up in a lot of different places around the world and National Picnic Day encourages people of all ages to go outside. It’s time to make a full picnic menu and grab a blanket to spend time with loved ones on a sunny day.

Product Inspiration

What’s better to partner picnics with than a tablecloth? It can work as a tablecloth for a park table or as a blanket to sit on while relaxing on the grass. Create a fun picnic or nature-friendly design that people will want to show off!

Tablecloth Details

  • Made of cotton twill
  • Comes in two sizes: 58X58 and 58X102 inches
  • Features finished hem edging
  • Printing on front
  • Machine washable
Image of a picnic on a red and white checkerboard pattern

Marketing Inspiration

Use social media to encourage your audience to go outside and enjoy the sun. Talk about the benefits of being outside. Use license-free stock photos of landscapes in sunny weather to entice your audience. Talk about picnics and then show off your product in high-definition photos.

CTA Examples

It’s sunny out! It’s time for a picnic!

Need a new picnic blanket? We got you covered!

April Has Come and Gone

That’s it for our April 2022 Print-On-Demand Trends Report!

As April comes to an end, feel free to keep selling any of these fun holiday-themed designs. Depending on reactions from customers, maybe you’ll end up keeping them all year round. Hope you’re looking forward to next month’s trends report!