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Editor’s Note: This Easter selling guide has been previously published. This new version includes updated statistics and minor edits.

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Like most holidays, Easter has seen an increase in online sales. In 2021, the average person was expected to spend anywhere between $150 to $200 dollars on Easter. Besides the obvious purchase of candy and food, people also planned to spend money on decorations, clothing, and candy,

Graph showing what people spent their money on for easter

In case you aren’t aware, Easter is a holiday that many people celebrate. There’s the religious version, which celebrates when Jesus came back to life after being crucified.

The other version involves The Easter Bunny hides brightly colored eggs everywhere and leaves baskets full of candy for kids.

Both versions are full bright colors and double as celebrates the beginning of spring.

Different businesses offer special sales and store displays or take advantage of exclusive offers. Make sure to market your products early and often to allow people to take advantage of your sales and promotions with plenty of time before the holiday.

Product Inspiration Ideas

Pastel Colors

As winter slowly becomes spring, pastel colors are the perfect touch of color after a drab and dreary winter. Because they are less saturated, they feel light and airy. Be sure your pastel colors follow our best practice guidelines for the best print.

Baby Chicks and Bunnies

The newness of spring is often represented by the presence of baby animals in a design. Baby chicks and bunnies are often depicted both in form and in a pattern. They represent the feeling of starting fresh in the spring. Incorporate chicks and bunnies into Easter designs your customers will love. Backyard coops are a booming trend, so double up when targeting this group!

Easter Eggs

Easter egg hunts date back to 16th century Germany and are a symbol of life and rebirth. Christians all over the world dye eggs to celebrate the day and incorporating eggs in your design will appeal to many. You can incorporate many designs inside an egg including bright colors and creative text.

Spring Flowers

It’s time to ditch winter and celebrate spring! Floral patterns are always popular during the spring months. Whether you are designing for a shirt or a mug, bright tulips, daisies, and daffodils are appealing.

Marketing Inspiration

When you start marketing, don’t be afraid to use Easter themes. Create email designs and web pages featuring your festive designs. Don’t forget to post on social media! Create urgency when you have a sale through saying it’s “limited time only.”

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