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White Tshirts

The projected market size for original designed T-shirts online in 2021 is $516.4 million. It is the fastest growing part of the online retail sector. Designers especially love creating and selling White T Shirts. GearLaunch sellers sold over 67,000 white T Shirts in 2020 and are predicting an even larger number of sales this year.

White T Shirts are especially popular because designs and colors stand out more than on other solid colors. Read on for all of our top tips and ideas for successfully selling white Tees in your store!

Top holidays and events featuring white:

  • White sales – January…all month long
  • International T Shirt Day – June 21st
  • Popular during the winter months
  • Weddings
  • Bridal showers

Product Highlights

When you sell shirts with GearLaunch, you can choose from a variety of styles your customers will love. We have:

All of the T Shirts come in a variety of sizes which gives you the ability to create a fun design no matter what your customer is looking to purchase!

Design Tips

In 2021, design trends for T Shirts cover a wide variety of styles, creativity, and social movements. They communicate interest, support, causes, or humor. Some of the top design trends this year include:

  • Book designs
  • Statements supporting a cause
  • Multi-colored words
  • Handwritten typography
  • Minimalist rainbows
  • Hand drawn designs and illustrations
  • Warped or arched text
  • Doodle art
  • Animal portraits
  • Repeating text

When you create a design for a white T Shirt it is important to think bold! White is a perfect canvas for bright, colorful designs that pop.

Marketing Tips

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to sell products online. A study by Sleeknote shows that people are 8 times more likely to open transactional emails and they make 6 times more money than other marketing efforts.

Encourage email sign ups on your sign up by making it easy and offering value to your customers. Pop-ups work well, but you also need to have an inline email signup available in various places. Providing an incentive for signing up is a common strategy as well. You can provide product recommendations as well as alert customers when there is a sale or a new product available.

Your ecommerce business should be sending the following emails:

  1. Welcome email
  2. Curation email
  3. Engagement email
  4. Referral email
  5. Discounts and sales email
  6. Cart abandonment email
  7. Order confirmation email
  8. Upsell and cross sell email
  9. Survey email
  10. Customer appreciation email
  11. Re-engagement email

Email is the best and easiest way to be in touch with customers who are interested in making a purchase. The sooner you create an email strategy, the more likely you are to succeed selling your designs online.

Calls to Action

Feeling inspired? You’ll need awesome calls to action to capture your audience’s attention! Whether you are sending emails or finding customers on social media or in an ad, you’ll need to make sure you understand your customers and tailor your messaging for them.

Here are a few to get you started:

New white {design or product}. Get yours today!

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Stand out in crisp, new style!

Ready to start selling? Perfect! For more details about T Shirts you can read all about the specifics in our product guides.

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