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Table Settings

New homeowners will love decorating their kitchen space with stylish tablecloths or market fun holiday designs. This category is also fantastic for creating awesome upsells because customers often want matching sets. Create coordinating sets for an awesome collection customers will love and help them decorate in style.

Product Highlights

You can always find more in depth information about each product in our product guides, but here are some important highlights about selling table settings in your GearLaunch store!


Your customers can order our tablecloths in two sizes, 58” x 58” or 58” x 102.” These stylish, cotton twill tablecloths are available in one-sided printing and are machine washable. They are a fun addition to any kitchen whether for a fun holiday gathering or just to add a splash of color.

Table Runners

Customers use table runners to compliment a tablecloth or on their own to add a little style to their table settings. They come in two fabric types, poly twill and cotton twill, and two sizes, 16 x 72 or 16 x 90. Your designs will print on one side and are the perfect upsell with your tablecloth design.


Napkins are the perfect addition to your table setting collection! They come in two sizes, 10 x 10 and 22 x 22, as well as two fabric types, poly twill and cotton twill. With the right complimentary design, your customers won’t be able to resist adding napkins to their order!


Placemats are an excellent product alone or alongside a combination of other table settings. They can add fun and style to any kitchen. They come in cotton or poly twill in 18” x 14.” Holiday collections are especially popular with customers.

Design Ideas

When you create designs for table décor, always keep in mind that customers love entire sets. It’s smart to design complimentary collections so each piece of the table setting ads to the overall design. This creates an opportunity for an easy upsell. Matching sets are always popular when it comes to decorating any room in a house. Popular sets include:

  • Table runner and napkins
  • Placemats and napkins
  • Tablecloth, table runner, and napkins
  • Tablecloth and placemats
  • Table runner, napkins, and placemats

Here are a few design ideas to get you started:

  • Holiday themed
  • Complimentary patterns
  • Fun and whimsical
  • Family friendly
  • Popular decor trends (Country Chic, Modern, Industrial, etc)
  • Birthday/Celebrations
  • Gender Reveal

Marketing Tips

Make sure your marketing message includes language that lets customers know your designs are available on all table setting decor items!

Sample Target Audience:

  • New homeowners
  • Moms who love to decorate for every season
  • Homeowners looking to freshen up their space
  • People who like to entertain guests
  • Families for holiday gatherings

Calls to Action

Feeling inspired? You’ll need awesome calls to action to capture your audience’s attention! Whether you are sending emails or finding customers on social media or in an ad, you’ll need to make sure you understand your customers and tailor your messaging for them.

Here are a few to get you started:

Add a splash of color to your kitchen with these designs!

Entertain your family in style! Shop kitchen décor.

Dress your table for holiday success!

Launch Your Campaign!