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Sweatpants Selling Guide

We’ve just premiered a new product: print-on-demand sweatpants!

Sweatpants (joggers, tracksuit bottoms, sweats, etc) are having a massive comeback! According to the New York Times (NYT), in April 2020, overall clothing sales fell by 79% in the US. Yet, sweatpants sales jumped up to 80% as people moved from the office to working at home.

This isn’t just a pandemic-only jump either. Many people are hoping to continue to work from home and want to be comfortable and fashionable. Some are comparing this new interest in sweatpants to the huge boom they had in the early 2000s (in the US), a time where Juicy Couture was everywhere and everyone was wearing them.

Infographic showing different stay at home stats, features cartoon women working at desks

In that same NYT article, fashion designers talked about using softer fabrics and looser designs in future collections. The idea is that after wearing comfortable clothes for a year, people will be reluctant to go back to uncomfortable clothing.

This is your time to jump into the print-on-demand sweatpants game while it’s still a trend and then use that trend to build a solid store foundation for potential customers.

Product Details

We have 2 different versions of sweatpants: Classic and Premium. Designs will be printed on the left thigh of the leg for both styles.

Man on his head, mid spin with legs bent, wearing a black t-shirt and black sweatpants with the GearLaunch logo, astronaut, and "Keep Vibin''" on the top left leg

Classic Sweatpants

  • Fabric made of a poly-cotton blend
  • Air jet yarn for a softer feel and reduced pilling
  • Covered elastic waistband with drawstring
  • Double-needle bottom hems
  • Elasticized cuffs
  • Preshrunk fleece knit
  • Tear away label
  • Comes in Black
  • Comes in sizes XS through XXL

Premium Sweatpants

  • Fabric made of polyester fleece
  • Features side pockets and back right pocket with hook and loop closure
  • Elastic waistband with contrast color drawstring
  • Elasticized cuffs
  • Enhanced moisture-wicking
  • Comes in Black
  • Comes in sizes XS-3XL

Different Reasons Why People Wear Sweatpants


The original reason people wear sweatpants is to have something comfortable and flexible to wear while they work out. It also keeps muscles warm, which is important because it’s easier to exercise warm muscles instead of cold ones. Plus, the material also absorbs any sweat that develops.

Man stretching his arms out in a gym, he's wearing a white long sleeve shirt and black sweatpants with the GearLaunch logo on the top left leg


Athleisure is what transformed sweatpants from only used for exercise to something people wear for fashion. This is the boom in the early 2000s mentioned at the beginning of the article. People started wearing them to run errands, hang out at houses, and even celebrities were seen in sweats.

Now people design sweats with fashion in mind, including patterns, shapes, and even pop culture references. This is something you can do with ease.


Sometimes people even use sweatpants as pajamas, which makes sense because both PJs and sweats are comfortable. You can create some sleepy images to make them feel more like pajamas.

Marketing Inspiration

What’s great about having a new product is that you can market it as a new product! Make sure you show that you’ve put some of your most popular designs on these bottoms. Some people may not want a t-shirt, but still like your design, and a pair of sweatpants may be perfect.

Make sure your social media is filled with images of this product, and people wearing them.

Creating a countdown email campaign that will create excitement among your customers.

Man stretching his right leg by raising it high, he's wearing a gray sweatshirt and black sweatpants with the GearLaunch logo on the top left leg

Examples of Good Calls to Action

New Product Alert! Sweatpants are coming!

# Days to go until sweats are here!

It’s time to change into something more comfortable, check out our selection of sweats.