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Stickers Selling Guide

We’re adding stickers to our print-on-demand product catalog. Stickers are fun! They’re inexpensive and don’t take up too much space! They’re a great product for new and established stores alike!

Difference Between Kiss-Cut and Die-Cut Stickers

Our stickers are kiss-cut, which can be confused with die-cut. There are subtle differences between the two, most of which have to do with how they’re cut and the backings of the stickers.

Graphic showing the difference between a kiss-cut and die-cut sticker

So basically, with kiss-cut, you can have any shape design you want, while with die-cut, you’d have a limited range of shapes.

Advantages of Kiss-Cut Stickers

  • Offers more flexibility
  • Can have multiple stickers on one sheet
  • More protection while being shipped
  • Easier to peel off (less tearing)

Product Details

You can choose between vertically orientated stickers, horizontally oriented stickers, and bumper stickers.

  • Made of white vinyl
  • Satin finish
  • Water-resistant
  • Sun and UV resistant
  • Bubble free
  • Microwave safe
  • Greenguard certified
  • Has a thickness of 4 millimeters
  • Ink is water-based, semi-gloss, and latex
  • Easy to remove
  • No residue
  • Backgrounds for sticker designs should be transparent
  • Sizes (in inches):
  • Vertically
  • 3X4
  • 5X7
  • 8X10
  • Horizontally
  • 4X3
  • 7X5
  • 10X8
  • Bumper sticker size: 3X10

Different Ways People Use Stickers

The great thing about stickers is that they’re versatile. People use stickers for a variety of reasons.


People love to put stickers on their laptops and water bottles to show off their interests and style. With school starting, stickers are great for notebooks too!

People also similarly decorate their cars with bumper stickers. They’re usually funny sayings, supporting a politician, or something they strongly believe in.

Car with bumper sticker on it that says "Launch your Dreams"

Arts and Crafts

People love to use stickers in their DIY crafts. Stickers are great for scrapbooking, decorating cards, and even kids’ activities.


Stickers are an easy way to personalize objects. Customers can use personalization stickers as gift tags, marking their property, or using them for their business.

Marketing Inspiration

Because stickers are visual, your marketing should be the same. Make sure that you have a lot of images of your stickers on their own and on objects. For example, if you have multiple small stickers on one sheet, show them all together, so customers can see your theme.

If you decide to go with one large design, it will be best to display it on an object like a laptop or a water bottle.

Examples of Good Calls to Action

Put our stickers on everything!

We have (theme) stickers!

Is the outside of your laptop boring? Slap a sticker on it!