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Lawn Signs

Customers love being able to display a custom lawn sign for many reasons! Whether your customers are planning an event, or they own a business having a sale, custom lawn signs are perfect for certain target audiences.

Lawn Sign Product Highlights

Customers love our lawn signs because they are printed in fade resistant UV inks and they are waterproof! Make sure your customers know how easy they are to use with their metal H-stand stake.

They are lightweight and durable, which makes them easy to market. Customers can use them year round for any type of event or announcement.

Want to increase sales? Make it personal! Personalization is popular with customers and will help increase your sales! Create a variety of designs that allow them to make it theirs.

For example:

Event announcement: {name} and {name} wedding!

Celebration: Congratulations on your engagement {name} and {name}

Pregnancy announcement: {name} and {name} are having a {gender}!

Sports: {name} {jersey number}

There are tons of ways you can target different audiences with personalization.

Lawn Sign Ideas!

Lawn signs are used for a variety of reasons. Your customers might use them for:


Events such as weddings & baby showers

Social messages

Selling a home

Garage sale



Political messages

Youth Football games

Businesses (sales and announcements)

Marketing Tips

When you settle on a design that fits your audience, target your messaging to fit the occasion and be sure to start marketing well in advance. Customers who are looking to show their support during a political season will want to display a sign in their yard for several months before the upcoming election. Watch for voting dates, which are always available online, and start marketing your designs anywhere from 3-6 months in advance.

Off season marketing efforts for lawn signs might include garage sales, business messages, or events that aren’t dependent on a holiday such as weddings or other celebrations. Brick and mortar businesses often use signs to promote sales or to drive traffic into their stores. Many customers also use yard signs to tell others where to go to join them for their celebrations.


Ready for more awesome inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board FILLED with designs and other ideas. Take our inspiration and create your own magical sign for your target audience.

Calls to Action

Feeling inspired? You’ll need awesome calls to action to capture your audience’s attention! Whether you are sending emails or finding customers on social media or in an ad, you’ll need to make sure you understand your customers and tailor your messaging for them.

Here are a few to get you started:

  • Put your message on a lawn sign for the world to see! Shop now!
  • Celebrate {event} with an eye-catching sign! Check out our designs.
  • Support essential workers with one of these signs! Shop today!
  • Show your support for {cause} with these signs! Browse our selection.  

Ready to start selling? Perfect! For more details about lawn signs you can read all about the specifics here.

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