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Drinkware selling guide

If you're considering entering the e-commerce market or expanding your product range, consider the allure of drinkware. In this concise guide, we'll explore why selling drinkware is a savvy choice and how to thrive in this flourishing industry.

Why Drinkware?

Sky-High Demand

Drinkware holds year-round appeal for personal use, gifting, and commercial settings like cafes and restaurants. It's versatile, accompanying a wide range of beverages.

Eco-Conscious Shift

As eco-friendly trends gain momentum, drinkware fits perfectly into the market. With drinkware, we are reducing the reliance on disposable cups and bottles.

Stoking Thirst

The increasing trend of diverse beverage consumption, from specialty teas to craft cocktails, fuels the demand for various drinkware.

Noteworthy Stats

2022: Global market valued at $28.23 billion USD.

2032 Forecast by experts: 6% CAGR, $50.20 billion USD (according to Global Market Insights).

At GearLaunch, nearly 100,000 units are sold yearly.

Where to Start?

Choose Your Niche

Are you targeting sporty and outdoorsy folks? Tumblers are your answer. If your target audience includes professionals and homebodies, choose mugs.

GearLaunch’s Tumblers

Quality stainless steel tumblers in 15 oz and 30 oz sizes. Spill-proof and car-friendly. Thousands are sold annually!

GearLaunch’s Mugs

Microwave and dishwasher-safe mugs are available in 11 and 15 ounces. Mugs consistently top the charts, with nearly 100,000 units sold yearly.

Design Your Drinkware

Understanding your target audience's desires and preferences is key to designing successful drinkware.

Consider motivational quotes, elegant typography, or artistic elements (like flowers or animals). Remember to align your designs with festive seasons when you can sell thousands!

You can also collaborate with cafes, schools, and businesses for custom designs and offer personalization options.

How to Promote?

Social Media

Make good use of social media platforms to showcase your products, run promotions, and targeted ads to maximize reach.


Partner with influencers who can introduce your products to their audience, complete with special discounts, turning their followers into your customers.


Offer attractive promotions such as discounts, buy one get one offers or free shipping to stand out from competitors.


Don't let potential customers slip away; use compelling call-to-action messages on your website to drive conversions.


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Any Other Tips?

Wide Selection

Expand your product range to serve diverse tastes with options in sizes, colors, and personalization.

Responsive Support

Ensure excellent customer service by making your support contact readily available, enhancing the shopping experience.

A/B Testing

Continuously refine your approach by testing different designs, content, and promotional strategies.

Learn from Success

Study success stories within the industry to gather insights and inspiration for your own strategies.

So, seize the opportunity to sip from the cup of success and make your mark in the world of drinkware commerce today. Start selling with us now!