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Christmas selling guide

The air is filled with joy, the streets are adorned with twinkling lights, and the warmth of family and friends envelops us. It's that time of the year again – Christmas!

In this December Trends Report, we're diving into everything about Christmas and discovering how e-commerce sellers can make the most of this festive time.

What is Christmas?

Christmas is a time for merriment, togetherness, and celebration. Christmas Day, on the 25th of December, is a day for family gatherings, gift exchanges, and sumptuous feasts. Christmas Eve, the evening before, holds its own charm, as families come together to create lasting memories.

What do people do at Christmas?

Christmas is a time for traditions and activities that fill our hearts with joy. Families come together to decorate Christmas trees, spread the holiday cheer through caroling, and attend religious services. It's a season for sharing love, joy, and, of course, gifts.

Key Elements of Christmas

Santa Claus

The jolly old man in red who travels the world bringing joy and gifts to children.


Hung by the fireplace, they're filled with small gifts and treats from Santa.

Advent Calendar

A special calendar counting down the days until Christmas, often with small gifts or chocolates behind each door.

What to Sell?

As an e-commerce seller, you have a treasure trove of opportunities during this festive season:

Christmas Gifts for Adults

Unique and thoughtful presents for grown-ups.

Christmas Gifts for Children

Toys, games, and fun surprises for the little ones.

Home Decor

Festive decorations to make homes merry and bright.


Seasonal clothing and accessories for holiday fashion.


Personalized artwork to decorate the house.


Welcome guests with holiday-themed doormats.

Greeting Cards

Spread the joy with personalized cards.


Fun and affordable accessories.


Warm beverages taste better in holiday mugs.


Decorate homes with unique tapestries.

Pet Beds

Even pets deserve a cozy holiday.


Offer beautiful tree decorations for a festive touch.

Lawn Signs

Help share the holiday spirit with the neighborhoods.

Phone Cases

Provide practical and stylish gifts for tech enthusiasts.

Any Marketing Tips?

Allow Customization

Let customers add personal touches to your products for a unique and sentimental touch.

Create Urgency

Offer limited-time discounts and exclusive deals to entice Christmas shoppers.

Curate Gift Guides

Help customers find the perfect presents with expert recommendations, making their holiday shopping easier.

Encourage User-Generated Content

Run Christmas-themed contests on social media to engage your audience.

Partner with Influencers

Team up with influencers in your niche to promote your Christmas-themed products.

Beautiful Christmas lawn sign from GearLaunch

Wrapping It Up

This Christmas, dare to be creative with your e-commerce strategy. Make your offerings shine, delight your customers with personalized touches, and embrace the magic of the season. Start selling with us now!