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Bathroom Collection

Bathroom décor is an expanding market worldwide. According to Statista, the market revenue of bathroom accessories in 2019 was 4.2 billion dollars and that number is expected to continue to increase each year. The projected revenue for 2020 in North America is expected to be 4.39 billion dollars. There is a ton of opportunity for selling bathroom products in your online store.

As you branch out into selling collections, a good place to start is designing home décor. Come up with a theme and create matching and complementary designs customers will love. It’s much easier for people to purchase all of the items they are looking for in one place as opposed to trying to find the right colors or complementary items across multiple websites. Give your customers what they need when you design a complete set for their bathroom.

Marketing Tips

Bathroom décor is best marketed as a set or collection. Use cross selling strategies to show your customers other items perfect for their bathroom. Studies show that you can increase your revenue up to 30% when you use a cross selling strategy. When your collection is cohesive, it’s easier for customers to see how their room would look better when they purchase multiple products from the same store.

Product Highlights

You can always find more in depth information about each product in our product guides, but here are some important highlights about our popular bathroom décor products.

For more in depth information about creating a collection or tagging products in your GearLaunch store, head over to GearLaunch academy!

Shower Curtains

Your customers will love adding to their bathroom décor with a stylish shower curtain. Our 100% polyester curtains will show off your design on the front and customers can choose either a black or white back. It’s simple for them to hang with a 12 button-hole top. Shower curtains are the star of any bathroom decoration and perfect for customers looking to freshen up their bathroom space.

Bath Mat

Your customers will love stepping out of the shower onto our plush, memory foam bath mats. Create a design to compliment their new shower curtain! Our bath mats come in two sizes, 24” x 17” and 34” x 21.” Their soft and fuzzy microfiber surface is the ultimate in comfort.

Laundry Bag

This polyester drawstring laundry bag is perfect for anyone looking to ditch their basket and swap out for a stylish bag. It comes with cotton web handles and a drawstring top. Your design can be printed on both sides of the bag and it comes in two sizes, large and small.

Bath Towels

For customers looking for a collection, bath towels will round out their bathroom décor nicely. They come in two styles:

  • Premium polyester and cotton backing 30” x 60”
  • Basic polyester, 30” x 60”

Create designs to compliment the other bathroom décor items and help your customers create an awesome bathroom space.

Accessory Pouch

Whether you customers are looking for a daily use pouch to hold make-up and other items or they need a way to transport bathroom items, an accessory pouch is the perfect product. They come in two sizes, large (12.5” x 8.5”) and small (8.5” x 6”). Your design is printed on both sides of the pouch and they are easy to clean. Your customer will be delighted with this fun addition to their bathroom décor.

Wall Art

Customers love adding a touch of personality to the wall of their bathroom space. GearLaunch has tons of options when it comes to selling wall art. Whether your customers want framed art or a canvas print, you’ll be able to appeal to them.

Design Ideas

When designing a collection, remember that your design shouldn’t always be the same on every single product. Create complimentary designs and colors to give the entire room a stylish or fun feel. Here are a few fun collection ideas to get you started.

  • Seasonal themes
  • Whimsical
  • Sea creatures
  • Farmhouse
  • Fun phrases
  • Unicorns
  • Boy or girl themes
  • Nautical themes
  • Beach scenes
  • Bold patterns

Calls to Action

Feeling inspired? You’ll need awesome calls to action to capture your audience’s attention! Whether you are sending emails or finding customers on social media or in an ad, you’ll need to make sure you understand your customers and tailor your messaging for them.

Here are a few to get you started:

Spruce up your bathroom with {theme} designs. Shop now.

Shower in style with {theme}.

Take your bathroom from boring to fun with {theme}!

Shop bathroom collections today.

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