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2024 President Election selling guide

The presidential election is a pivotal event in the United States, held every four years, where citizens cast their votes to elect the next President. This process is not only crucial for the nation's governance but also a significant period for businesses, particularly Print-on-Demand (POD) sellers, to capitalize on the heightened public interest and engagement.

What People Do During This Time

During election season, people engage in a variety of activities to express their political opinions and support their preferred candidates. These activities range from attending rallies and debates to participating in social media discussions and voting drives. Additionally, many individuals proudly display their political leanings through merchandise such as apparel, stickers, and lawn signs.

Which Type of Designs Will Sell Fast?

To tap into the election fervor, POD sellers should focus on creating designs that resonate with the public sentiment and current trends. Here are some ideas:

Simple Vote Encouragement:

Designs featuring slogans like "Vote 2024," "Every Vote Counts," "Your Vote, Your Voice," and "Democracy in Action" are timeless and universally appealing.

Hot Topics:

Designs that play on the Democrat vs. Republican rivalry or incorporate trending issues like cryptocurrency can attract politically engaged customers.

Democrat vs. Republican Rivalries:

  • "Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Showdown 2024"
  • "Keep Calm and Debate On: Elephant vs. Donkey"

Cryptocurrency and Politics:

  • "Crypto Voter: Blockchain for a Better Democracy"

Quotes and Hashtags:

Use popular election-related quotes and hashtags to create relevant and timely designs. For example, #Vote2024, #YourVoteMatters, inspirational quotes from notable political figures, or any funny quote that relates.


   - "Don't blame me, I voted for [Your Candidate]!"

    - "Running for President: Because one job wasn't stressful enough."

    - "My political views? Free snacks at all polling stations."

    - "Vote like your WiFi depends on it."

Cartoon Designs of Presidents:

Humorous or satirical cartoons of the presidential candidates can capture attention and cater to those looking for a light-hearted approach to politics.

QR Codes to Vote:

Innovative designs featuring QR codes that link to voter registration sites or election information can be both functional and eye-catching.

Which Items Will Sell Fast?

Certain products are more likely to see a surge in demand during the election season. Consider focusing on the following:


T-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items with election-related designs.


Suitable for laptops, water bottles and car bumpers, especially for political names or voting symbols.

Base cost: Only from $2.10

Shipping rate: Only from $3.99

Lawn Signs:

Highly visible and popular for showing support for candidates.

Base cost: Only from $17.34

Shipping rate: Only from $13.99

Trucker Hats:

A trendy accessory that can sport political messages.

Base cost: Only from $11.99

Shipping rate: Only from $5.27


Ideal for indoor decoration with powerful slogans or candidate images.

Base cost: Only from $4.25

Shipping rate: Only from $5.99


A daily reminder of the election while enjoying a morning coffee.

Base cost: Only from $4.65

Shipping rate: Only from $5.99

Phone Cases:

Functional and always visible, making them great for spreading political messages.

Base cost: Only from $7.5

Shipping rate: Only from $4.99

Tote Bags:

Useful and eco-friendly, often used in everyday errands.

Base cost: Only from $13

Shipping rate: Only from $5.99

How to Promote Your Products?

To effectively market your election-themed products, consider the following strategies:

Social Media Campaigns:

Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to showcase your designs. Engage with trending election hashtags and encourage user-generated content by hosting contests or giveaways.

Collaborations and Influencers:

Partner with political influencers or advocacy groups who can help spread the word about your products to a broader audience.

Email Marketing:

Send targeted emails to your customer base with special promotions, new product launches, and reminders about the upcoming election.

By understanding the dynamics of the presidential election and aligning your product offerings with the interests of the electorate, you can effectively boost your sales and contribute to the democratic process. Happy selling!

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