July 21, 2023

By the time September rolls around, fall is in full swing. The weather begins to cool and people everywhere start thinking about upcoming holidays. Fall-themed designs with warmer colors become popular as customers switch gears from summer to fall. The next few months are especially important for e-commerce and print-on-demand businesses and are considered the “busy season.” Take advantage of these September holiday print-on-demand product ideas.

Different September Holidays Print-on-Demand Product Ideas

September 7: Labor Day

Labor Day is the 5th most popular holiday for online shopping and rakes in over $2 billion a year. Many think of Labor Day as a summer clearance event, but it also kicks off the most popular shopping season of the year. It’s not a holiday to overlook if you’re going to grow your store and have a successful holiday season online.

Product Inspiration

A survey completed by Statista in 2017 showed that 79% of cell phone users report using a case for protection. So if you aren’t selling phone cases, you’re missing out! Fun, whimsical designs are especially popular with teenagers and patriotic designs are great for adults! No matter who your target audience is, cell phone cases are an awesome product to sell online.

September holiday print-on-demand product ideas

Marketing Inspiration

One of the most important parts of your marketing efforts is being organized and starting early. If you’re marketing a product specifically for a one-day holiday, you want your customers to receive their item with plenty of time to spare! Check for updates on shipping times before you start your marketing efforts and make adjustments accordingly.

Some shipping times are longer this year due to Covid-19, so you may want to begin selling items at least 6 weeks before a holiday if not longer. Remember, it’s important to set expectations for your customers. Receiving an item faster than you tell them will make them happy to return to your store!

September 22: Fall Equinox

Fall officially arrives in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22nd. While only a few celebrate the actual date, it’s a time of year where people embrace the change of season and start preparing for winter. Warmer fashions make their way into closets, and customers start looking for ways to stay warm during the upcoming months.

Product Inspiration

While this fall may have fewer gatherings and sporting events to attend than usual, customers are still ready to snuggle up in a warm, fuzzy blanket. Create designs your customers will love all winter long.

September holiday print-on-demand product ideas

Marketing Inspiration

Fall and winter seasons are great for marketing both seasonal designs and holiday designs. Create excitement with a fun email campaign or share some designs on social media.

Remember, Pinterest and Instagram are perfect for customers looking for items they love. Home decor is one of the most popular topics on Pinterest. Start now to develop a winning strategy for your favorite social media platform.

September 28: National Drink Beer Day

Have a little fun with zany holidays like National Drink Beer Day! Customers love to have a reason to relax and get together with friends to enjoy a beer.

Fun fact: Massachusetts has the most beer-loving residents in the U.S. followed closely by Missouri, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma!

Product Inspiration

Did you know ceramic mugs are one of the best-selling products for print-on-demand businesses? They are easy to design for and easy to sell. Customers are always looking for fun new mugs that show off their personality, things they find funny, or their favorite holidays.

September holiday print-on-demand product ideas

Marketing Inspiration

When you’re getting started with paid marketing tactics, be sure to create a budget first. You need to consider how much you want to spend on acquiring new customers. Set limits on Facebook and Instagram ads so your click-through rate isn’t costing you too much. Make sure you review all of your campaigns so you can make changes and optimize for success.

Check out our complete guide for creating a marketing strategy and start winning with your customers online!

Ready for more fun September dates? Try marketing for some of the following days and delight your audience!

(Pro-tip: People go crazy for Talk Like a Pirate Day!)

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