Elevating the Ordinary: Unleashing Back To School Market’s Potential with Everyday Products! (Part 2)

July 14, 2023

As the summer draws to a close, it’s time for e-commerce sellers to prepare for the Back to School season. While traditional school supplies like notebooks and backpacks are popular choices, don’t overlook the potential of everyday products.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how e-commerce sellers can benefit from incorporating simple everyday products into their Back to School season lineup. Let’s dive in!


Mugs are versatile and widely used by both students and teachers. Consider offering mugs with motivational quotes, educational themes, or personalized designs that can make early morning routines more enjoyable.

Students can use them for their morning beverages, while teachers can appreciate them as desk accessories. By offering a range of designs, you can cater to different age groups and interests, ensuring a broad appeal.


Tumblers are ideal for students on the go. With the increasing emphasis on sustainability, reusable tumblers are gaining popularity. Offer tumblers in vibrant colors or with fun patterns to make them appealing to students of all ages.

Additionally, consider partnering with local cafes or schools to offer custom-branded tumblers, creating a sense of school pride and fostering eco-friendly habits among students.

Wall Art

Classrooms and dorm rooms often lack personality, making wall art a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce sellers.

Provide a variety of inspiring posters, prints, and decals that can transform dull spaces into engaging environments. You can feature subjects like mathematics, literature, science, or motivational quotes, appealing to both teachers and students looking to create a visually stimulating atmosphere.


Stickers are a timeless favorite among students. From personalizing notebooks and laptops to decorating lockers and stationery, stickers offer endless creative possibilities.

Create sticker packs tailored to different interests, hobbies, and subjects, including designs for classmates, groups, teams, and teachers. By offering a diverse range of sticker options, you can attract a broad customer base and encourage self-expression.


As the weather cools down, blankets become an essential accessory for picnics, outdoor activities, and cozy study sessions. Consider offering blankets in school colors, featuring school logos or mascots, or incorporating educational motifs.

Highlight their versatility by emphasizing their use beyond just indoor snuggling, showcasing how they can enhance outdoor experiences and foster a sense of school spirit.


Incorporating everyday products into your Back to School season strategy opens up new opportunities for reaching your target customers.

Remember to keep your customers in mind when designing and marketing these products to ensure they resonate with their needs and preferences. With the right blend of creativity, functionality, and school spirit, your e-commerce business can thrive during this bustling selling season. LAUNCH YOUR CAMPAIGN now!

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