June 23, 2020

August is a unique month without any major national holidays in the U.S., however, there are still plenty of opportunities for marketing and sales. Consider marketing for fall or back-to-school which is relevant all month long. Whatever your strategy, there’s never a shortage of possibilities. Here are a few awesome marketing ideas and strategies you can use for your August trends and campaigns.

All Month Long: Back-to-School

While there are still many unknowns about what school will be like for the 2020-2021 school year, one thing will always be true. Teachers LOVE to show off their love of teaching. Whether they’re teaching online, in person, or a little of both, teachers everywhere want their students to know how much they love them and can’t wait to get back into the classroom!

Product Inspiration

When you’re deciding what products to sell, it’s important to keep your target audience in mind. If you’re targeting teachers, mugs and shirts are popular. If you are targeting teenagers, you may want to consider including cell phone cases in your campaign. Your strategy shouldn’t just include your designs but should also include which products to include!

August Trends
August Trends

Marketing Inspiration

Back-to-school can encompass several audiences. You may be targeting:

  • College students
  • Parents of young kids
  • Teenagers
  • Teachers

The back-to-school season gives marketers a variety of opportunities. Tailor your message, design, and marketing to your specific audience for the best results. Sometimes too broad of a marketing message falls flat, but if you narrow your niche, you’ll set yourself up for success!

August 9: National Women’s Day

National Women’s Day is a South African holiday celebrating women and the greatness they’ve achieved throughout history. Women’s rights have come a long way in many countries and this day is a good opportunity for celebrating the liberation and empowerment of South African women.

Product Inspiration

Online jewelry sales continue to increase year over year. From 2014 to 2019, the online jewelry industry saw an increase of 4.9%. The rising popularity of fashion jewelry means there is plenty of room for growth for e-commerce businesses offering personalized jewelry items. Holidays specific to women, such as National Women’s Day, are the perfect opportunity to test your designs on jewelry.

August Trends

Marketing Inspiration

As an online business owner, increasing your revenue is top of mind. One quick way to increase conversion rates is to include a pop-up opt-in on your website. Use your pop-up feature to offer a discount or other incentive that may influence a customer who isn’t sure if they are ready to order. You’ll also increase the possibility of future sales if you’re also using an email strategy as part of your marketing plan.

August 28: National Red Wine Day

Eat, drink, and be merry when you create a fun design celebrating a favorite beverage loved by many! National Red Wine Day is a fun holiday and you can help your customers show their appreciation for it.

Product Inspiration

Wine lovers aren’t quiet about their love affair with wine. Try putting your designs on various home goods and let the wine lovers in your audience decorate in their favorite wine-inspired style!

Marketing Inspiration

Remember, your customers might love your designs, but they also love engaging with businesses that provide more value than just a sale. For holidays you choose to focus on, consider providing other types of content. For example, for National Red Wine Day, create a guide to hosting a girls’ wine night or use social media to share wine tasting tips. You don’t have to be the expert on the subject to provide extra value! Your customers will love the extra effort you put into your marketing strategy.

It is important to provide accurate and important information for your customers after they make a purchase. Make sure they understand how long it will be before they’ll receive their order (For example, “Shipping times are longer than usual. We appreciate your patience!”), the average time it takes to print, and other information to help them become fans of your business! Unhappy customers are unlikely to return to your store and are more than happy to tell everyone they know not to order from you again. Instead, create happy customers by providing communication every step of the way!

Check out a few other fun holidays you should consider for your August campaigns.

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