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August 15, 2023

September, with its gentle transition from summer to autumn, brings along a fresh wave of opportunities for businesses to connect with their audience. This September Print-on-Demand Trends Report delves into key occasions and trends that can steer your marketing strategy toward success.

Labor Day (September 2)

As the first Monday of September rolls around, it's not just the end of summer that people look forward to – it's the irresistible sales and deals that come with Labor Day. This holiday is a magnet for shoppers, making it a prime time for your brand to shine.

What People Do: Snap Up Bargains, Revel in Outdoor Activities

Labor Day is synonymous with shopping sprees, as consumers hunt for discounts. Leverage this by offering exclusive promotions and time-sensitive deals.

In your call-to-action samples, create urgency with phrases like "Limited Stock - Grab Yours Now!" or "Labor Day Extravaganza: 50% Off Until It Lasts!"

What to Sell: Clear Summer Stock, Outdoor Gear, Back-to-School Essentials

Make the most of the opportunity to clear out summer stock by offering compelling markdowns. Highlight products suitable for the lingering warmth, such as outdoor items, grilling tools, and summer apparel.

Call to Action Samples:

  • "Deck Out Your Patio: Up to 60% Off Picnic Items - Limited Time!"
  • "Ace the Semester: Snag 40% Off Back-to-School Must-Haves Today!"

National Grandparents’ Day (September 10)

National Grandparents' Day is a heartening occasion to honor the wisdom and love of our elders. As families come together, businesses have a chance to play a role in creating cherished memories.

What People Do: Celebrate Grandparents, Strengthen Family Bonds

Align your offerings with the spirit of family togetherness. Spotlight products that can bring generations closer, such as board games for family game nights or personalized photo gifts, and definitely: greeting cards.

What to Sell: Greeting cards, Home Accessories, Cooking tools

Promote gifts that foster family unity. Consider personalized items like customized mugs, wall art, or blankets featuring precious family moments.

Call to Action Samples

  • “Preserve Family Moments: Craft Your Personalized Family Photo-printed Products!"
  • "Celebrate Grandparents’ Day: Enjoy 20% Off Greeting Cards for Priceless Moments!"

September Equinox

With the September Equinox, nature ushers in the beauty of autumn. It's a time of transition and renewal – a chance for your brand to resonate with those seeking a fresh start.

What People Do: Embrace Autumn, Explore New Tastes, Update Wardrobes

Embrace the equinox's energy by encouraging your audience to embrace change. Share fall-themed items, fashion pieces, and home decor inspiration.

What to Sell: Fall Wardrobe Additions, Cooking Collections, Gratitude Journals

Highlight cozy apparel, stylish accessories, and seasonal home decor to invigorate your customers' fall wardrobe. Additionally, promote cooking tools for culinary exploration and healing journals for personal gratitude.

Call to Action Samples

  • "Step into Autumn Elegance: Discover Our Collection of Comfy Sweaters!"
  • "Embrace Fall's Warmth: Get Your Autumn Kitchen Tools at 25% Off Today!"

Incorporate these September Print-on-Demand trends into your marketing strategy to effectively engage your audience and drive sales. By tapping into the essence of special occasions, you can craft compelling offers and content that resonate with your customers' desires and aspirations.

So, gear up to captivate the season, embrace the shifting vibe, and propel your business forward in September. LAUNCH YOUR CAMPAIGN now!