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August 6, 2021

September is coming and you know what that means. It’s time for our September 2021 print-on-demand trends report!

September is the start of a new season! Whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and experiencing leaves changing or you’re in the Southern Hemisphere seeing flowers bloom for the first time in months, there’s something refreshing about a brand new season. Bring that refreshing feeling to your store by creating brand new campaigns for the Spring/Fall. Here’s are some fun September holidays to give you some design ideas.

September 4: World Beard Day

The facial hair world loves to celebrate their appearance. In September though, it’s all about the beards. Beards take a lot of upkeep despite their messy stereotype. Many people spend time combing, trimming, and oiling their beards so they look their best. It becomes a person’s pride.

On World Beard Day, those with beards are supposed to spend the day relaxing while those without beards wait on them hand and foot. Whether this actually happens is a whole other story.

It’s also considered extremely disrespectful to shave on World Beard Day.

Fun fact: The longest beard ever recorded belongs to Hans Nilsen Langseth. He passed in 1927 but still holds the record for the longest beard at 17.5 feet long. The beard is even kept at the Smithsonian Museum.

Product Inspiration

Why not create a special towel to dry off those magnificent beards? Create fun beard-themed patterns or funny sayings.

Towel Details:

  • Comes in Classic or Premium
  • Both towel styles are 30″x60″
  • Classic is made of 100% polyester
  • Premium is made of 100% polyester and 100% cotton looping for extra softness
A towel rack with 2 white towels and a white bathrobe hanging from it, the first, smaller towel says "For Beards Only" in black text, the other, larger towel has an illustration of a man wearing sunglasses with a beard in black

Marketing Inspiration

World Beard Day is a fun holiday and should be marketed as such. On social media show off your products and lightly tease beardless people. Be careful not to take it too far and alienate some of your audience.

You can also share interesting beard facts to grab people’s attention. How many people know how long the longest beard is?

Pinterest would be an excellent platform to showcase your products on. Due to beards being a specific niche, people may be looking at Pinterest for ideas for the bearded people in their life.

September 12: National Grandparents Day

Grandparents are a special part of our lives. They spoil us rotten while handing ou good life advice at the same time. Grandparents are usually the first to volunteer to babysit since they love spending time with their grandchildren. For many families, grandparents are a haven in a stressful world.

National Grandparents Day was started by Marian McQuade, an activist who wanted seniors to be treated better. The first official National Grandparents Day was celebrated in 1979.

With Covid-19 separating older people from their families for so long, many families will be eager to celebrate this year.

Product Inspiration

Customized gifts are always a great seller. We have a whole Academy Lesson on how to customize a campaign. Use this customization option to create special family-themed designs. Put your designs on framed prints that grandparents will want to hang and show off to everyone.

Create fun designs that say “#1 (Grandparent name or nickname) Lives Here” or create a family tree that customers can fill out.

Framed Print Details:

  • Wooden frames come in black, white, and walnut
  • Prints come in 3 sizes: 11″x14″, 16″x20″, and 8″x10″
  • Images printed on acid-free photo paper
  • Includes hardware for hanging
Image of a tree with curling branches with random names on the branches in off white ovals with "The Smiths Est. 1921" in the bottom right corner in black text

Marketing Inspiration

Use more family-oriented social media like Facebook to advertise your products. Encourage followers to tag family members so more people see your products. Your images should be clear and well lit, so customers can get a good look at the prints. Make sure to highlight how customizable these prints are every time you post. You should also have a direct link to your store page on each post.

September 14: National Live Creative Day

This holiday celebrates the artist in everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a painter, chef, or writer. It doesn’t matter if the arts is your profession or a hobby. Everyone gets to show off their creativity on this day.

This holiday was created by Creative Promotional Products as an initiative to encourage people to live their best creative lives.

So it’s time to let loose and let your imagination wander.

Product Inspiration

Do you have a design that’s been laying around because it didn’t fit any of your campaigns? Does it seem too out-of-the-box? Now’s the time to show off this creative design.

The best way to make an out-of-the-box design more marketable is to put the design on an everyday item like a tote bag. A tote bag will let customers feel creative every day as they carry their personal items, some may even use it to hold their art supplies.

Tote Bag Details:

  • Comes in 3 sizes: 13″x13″, 16″x16″, and 18″x18
  • The exterior is made of 100% polyester
  • The Interior is black and made of 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Prints on both sides
  • Has 1″ wide cotton strap
Person wearing white pants holding a white tote bag with an abstract geometric design with yellow, dark gray, light gray, light blue, and pink

Marketing Inspiration

Create a coupon for this special holiday and make it known to your customers. Create a coupon code like CREATIVE that works for the week of the holiday.

Send out email campaigns and social media posts letting customers know that this deal won’t last long. This will create a feeling of urgency and will make customers more likely to purchase.

September 22: National Legwear Day

The timing for this holiday is perfect because fall is starting for the Northern Hemisphere fall. Legwear like leggings, tights, and socks offer a chance for the wearer to express their style.

This is a new holiday, it was founded in 2017 by the HanesBrands Company.

Product Idea

If you haven’t already, try one of our newest products: leggings! Our leggings have a form-fitting silhouette and lets you print on the upper left leg. We even have a selling guide if you want to learn more.

Leggings Details:

  • Form-fitting silhouette
  • No flip elastic waistband
  • No side seams
  • Made of a cotton/spandex jersey knit
  • Tear-away label
  • Designs printed on the left thigh area
  • Comes in black
  • Sizes come in women’s XS through XXL

Marketing Idea

Use social media early with this holiday. Make posts about not only the holiday but your product as well. Tell your customers the best way to celebrate this holiday is to buy and wear a new pair of leggings. Make sure you have plenty of pictures of your leggings to encourage people to buy.

Have people on social media show off their legwear, including yours, and have them tag you on the actual holiday. This will give future customers some social proof that your leggings are good and worth the purchase.

All Month Long: Back-to-School

Just because school is already in session doesn’t mean that back-to-school shopping is over. There are many people who are late to school shopping or deliberately waited so they could get deals.

We have an entire selling guide for Back-to-School!

Other Holidays to Consider

Just because we talked about a few holidays doesn’t mean there aren’t other holidays to think about.

  • September 15- October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month
    Target audience: Hispanic Americans
    Product Ideas: T-shirts & lawn signs
  • September 8: International Literacy Day
    Target audience: People around the world
    Product Ideas: Journals, mugs, and travel tumblers
  • September 12: National Video Games Day
    Target audience: Video Game Fans
    Product Ideas: T-shirts & tapestries
  • September 22: First Day of Fall
    Target audience: People in the Northern Hemisphere
    Product Ideas: Blankets & pillows
  • September 22: National Singles’ Day
    Target audience: Single People
    Product Ideas: Wine tumblers, home decor, and tote bags
  • September 25: National Comic Book Day
    Target audience: Comic book fans in the U.S.
    Product Ideas: Apparel, posters, canvases, and mugs
  • September 27: World Tourism Day
    Target audience: Travelers all over the world
    Product Ideas: Long sleeve shirts, hoodies, phone cases, and tote bags
  • September 29: National Coffee Day
    Target audience: Coffee Lovers
    Product Ideas: Mugs, tumblers, and kitchen products

Call to Action Suggestions

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  • (Holiday), (Holiday), and (Holiday) are coming up fast, buy our special merch to celebrate!
  • Act fast! Our new designs are selling fast!
  • Still, need to do back-to-school shopping? Check out our collection!
  • That’s it for September!
Calendar showing different September holidays