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September 15, 2021

Can you believe we’re nearing the end of 2021? It’s not time to slow down yet, let’s give it our all in the last 3 months of the year. We’ve picked out some interesting October print-on-demand trends to go with this month’s holidays to inspire you.

If you thought we forgot about Halloween don’t worry. We have an entire selling guide dedicated to the holiday.

October 4: National Golf Lovers Day

Golf is a sport that slowly grew in popularity. Now, it seems like everyone has at least one golfer in their life. National Golf Lovers Day is a day to appreciate the sport and give golfers an excuse to squeeze in a game in their everyday schedule.

The modern version of golf may originate all the way back to the 15th century! The oldest golf tournament is The Open Championship, which started on October 17, 1860, in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Golf has even been played in space! Alan Shepard took a ball and 6-iron and played on the moon.

Product Inspiration

While golfers take the game seriously, it doesn’t mean their shirts have to be serious too. Create funny or snarky sayings about golf, this way you can target not only golfers but those around them too. Funny shirts can make great gifts!

Short-Sleeve T-Shirt Details:

  • Unisex sizing
  • Made of Ring-Spun jersey
  • Solid colors are 100% Airlume Combed and Ring-Spun cotton
  • Athletic Heather is 90% cotton, 10% polyester
  • 100% ethically sourced and eco–friendly
Black man wearing a yellow shirt with a green design of a golf ball on a tee and "Is It Tee Time Yet?" on it

Marketing Inspiration

Target golfers through Facebook groups! If you haven’t already, join different golfing groups and interact with their members. When the time is right, mention your merchandise and the upcoming holiday. To make your store a little more attractive, offer them a special group-only discount.

Don’t forget about Pinterest either! You should also target people who have golfers in their lives, like spouses, children, and friends. They’re most likely looking for gift ideas on this platform so make a board for golfers or golf lovers.

CTA Examples

  • Get the Golf Lover in Your Life a Nice Gift!
  • Click Here for a Special Discount on our Golfing-Themed Products!
  • Did You Know National Golf Lovers Day is Coming? Check Out Our Special Collection!

October 13: National Fossil Day

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Fossils are the closest we’ll be getting to touching these ancient beasts. It’s incredible to think that scientists can discover new species of dinosaurs, plants, and animals from million-year-old fossils.

The first National Fossil Day was celebrated on October 13, 2010. Each year the National Park Service and its partners host events and create a special logo for the year.

Product Inspiration

How much cooler would your bathroom look with fossil themed shower curtain? Your customers can show off their love of the prehistoric while having a product that’s useful. Plus, you can put this design on other bathroom products for potential cross-selling.

Shower Curtain Details:

  • 100% polyester
  • Printing in the front
  • Background is Black or White
  • 12 buttonhole-top for easy hanging
  • Machine washable
Red shower curtain with darker red dinosaur skeletons all over it hanging in front of a bathtub

Marketing Inspiration

Create images of a bathroom with all your bathroom products and post them on Instagram. By showing your customers what their bathroom would like with your products, you take the guesswork out for them. This makes them more likely to buy.

Use hashtags like #dinolover, #fossil, #fossillover, #dinosaur, and others like these to target fossil lovers all over the world.

CTA Examples

  • Unearth this Prehistoric Collection Now!
  • Does Your Bathroom Need a Makeover? Check Out Our Fossil Themed Bathroom Collection!
  • Want More Dinosaurs in Your Life? Click Here to See Our Latest Products!

October 21: National Reptile Day

Let’s talk more about reptiles! While not as large as their older brother, the dinosaur, modern reptiles get their own holiday. This holiday is to appreciate all that wild reptiles do for the environment, an example being acting as pest control. It also helps raise awareness about dangers to the species like habitat loss.

National Reptile Day wasn’t an official holiday until 1966 when the first Endangered Species Act was passed.

Product Inspiration

We talk a lot about furry pet parents here, but we’ve left out reptile parents. We want to fix that!

Reptile owners are as equally passionate about their scaley children as others are about their furry children. Help them show off their love of reptiles with a pillow! Treat the pillow as useable art and create something interesting that people will want in their homes.

Pillow Details:

  • Comes in 2 sizes (in inches): 16X16 & 18X18
  • Made of polyester microfiber (burlap)
  • The outdoor version has a smooth and durable feel
  • The indoor version is a bit softer
  • Print on the front
Green pillow with "Ask Me About My Lizard Child" in yellow font

Marketing Inspiration

Use pet parents’ pride to your advantage. On all your social media, talk about the holiday and ask to see your audience’s scaly friends. People love to show pictures of their pets. This will get people talking to one another and put more eyes on your page.

Once you’ve done this, post images of your products and use reptile-themed hashtags like #reptileparent, #petparent, and #nationalreptileday. This will bring more attention to your post.

CTA Examples

  • Are You a Reptile Parent? Check Out Our Special Reptile Themed Collection Now!
  • Love Lizards? So Do We! We Made a Whole Collection Inspired by Them!
  • National Reptile Day is Coming, Have You Shopped Our Collection?

October 25: Sourest Day

Do you like the taste of sour food? Then this is the holiday for you! Sour foods are a big part of our diet whether it’s sour candy or sauerkraut. The first lemon tree can be traced back to over 8 million years ago.

While it’s called Sourest Day, the origin of this holiday is actually pretty sweet. It was invented by someone in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1977 to celebrate his friend’s birthday. His friend’s last name was Sauer.

Product Inspiration

Use images of sour foods to create an interesting design that would look perfect on a comforter! Use a zoomed-in image of sour candies or create a pattern from slices of citrus fruit! With the weather getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere, this could be just what some of your customers need.

Comforter Details

  • Lighter than a duvet cover but heavier than a quilt
  • Available in three sizes: King, Queen, or Twin
  • Made of 100% polyester soft microfiber
  • Printing on the front, back is white
  • Machine washable
Comforter covered in brightly colored candy

Marketing Inspiration

Use how colorful sour food tends to be to your advantage. Focus on creating eye-catching images and posting them on picture-focused social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure that a link to your product is right in the post and works properly.

CTA Examples

  • These Foods May be Sour but Our Products Aren’t! Check Them Out!
  • Love Sour Candy? You’ll Love this (Product)!
  • Did You Know There is a Holiday Celebrating Sour Food?!

October 28: National First Responders Day

This holiday honors the people who make jumping into danger their job. Firefighters, police, paramedics, and more put their life on the line to make sure we’re safe. This holiday is a way to say thank you to them.

This is a fairly new holiday, becoming official in 2019, though many different places celebrated it before that.

Product Inspiration

First responders work all kinds of hours and need something comfortable to wear, like a sweatshirt! A lightweight sweatshirt is great for grabbing and running out the door for work or errands. Create a design that shows off the fact that they’re a first responder. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Lightweight Hoodie Details:

• Plush sponge fleece
• Unisex fit
• Crossover V at neckline
• Front pouch pocket
• Made of cotton and polyester

Blue sweatshirt with "Keep Calm and Save Lives" in white font

Marketing Inspiration

Create a special email campaign targeting people who have first responders in their lives. Start at the beginning of the month with an email explaining the holiday and why you’ve made your products. The second week should be about grabbing their attention and urging them to make a purchase if they haven’t already. The third email should be a warning, or last call, for customers to buy before the holiday comes.

CTA Examples

  • Thank the First Responder in Your Life with this Product!
  • Have You Looked at Our First Responder Campaign Yet?
  • Last Chance to get (Product) Before National First Responders Day!

Other Holidays in October

  • October 1: World Smile Day
    Target Audience: People all over the world
    Product Idea: Phone cases
  • October 10: World Mental Health Day
    Target Audience: People all over the world
    Product Idea: Blankets
  • October 21: Back to the Future Day
    Target Audience: Fans of the movie
    Product Idea: T-shirts
Calendar with October holidays