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May 18, 2021

The month of June means we’re halfway through 2021 and summer is in full swing. June is a perfect month to enjoy time outside before it gets too hot. It’s also full of fun holidays that have great potential for June print-on-demand trends and product ideas.

June Print-on-Demand Trends

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Pride Month

Pride Month is celebrated for the entire month of June. June was chosen as the official month for this celebration to honor the Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan. The Uprising was a huge turning point for LGBT+ rights in America.

Pride Month acknowledges and celebrates the impact that LGBT+ people have had on history, culture, and justice all over the world. There are a variety of ways to celebrate depending on where in the world you are. Parades, concerts, and marches are just a few examples.

Product Inspiration

LGBT+ pride isn’t just confined to the month of June, people celebrate it every day. Jewelry is an easy way to add some pride flair to a look. Whether it’s a necklace or a bracelet, you can’t go wrong with putting your design on these products.

woman wearing a rainbow heart shape gold necklace that says "Love Always Wins"

Marketing Inspiration

Marketing for this celebration can be a little tricky, you don’t want to seem ingenuine. Show off your products on social media, focusing on Instagram and Twitter, and use #PrideMonth when you post. Try liking other Pride Month posts, especially if they discuss the history of LGBT+ issues.

June 4: National Doughnut Day

While this may seem like a silly holiday, it actually has an important origin. It’s traced all the way back to World War I and the Salvation Army. Volunteers went to the frontlines to bring comfort meals to the troops. Doughnuts were the perfect meal to give while trying to cook in a difficult landscape. These volunteers would later be called “Doughnut Lassies.”

Product Inspiration

Why not offer some comfort yourself? Products like a blanket or pillow can be soft and warm just like a doughnut. Create a fun pattern with doughnuts or even create your own version of a Doughnut Lassie.

2 pillows, one yellow and one white, with brown, pink, and red doughnuts with frosting dripping off them with a pink background

Marketing Inspiration

Your most interesting angle for marketing might be to share the history of this holiday. A lot of people will just assume this is a silly holiday, but you can show them otherwise. Try a series of emails explaining the holiday.

Show off your products and why you chose them specifically for National Doughnut Day.

June 8: Best Friends Day

You’re never too old to have a best friend and there’s no reason you shouldn’t celebrate them. In 1935, Congress decided to have June 8th be a day dedicated to close friends. Since then, other countries around the world have joined in on the celebration.

Product Inspiration

Usually, the standard products for best friends are jewelry that splits into 2 and when combined together makes a single shape, like a heart. But, you need to be different to stand out. Most adults don’t need another best friend necklace, but they might need/want matching drinkware. Matching mugs or wine glasses can make a fun and practical gift.

blue background with a white mug with cartoon burger and fries holding hands with "Friends Forever" underneath

Marketing Inspiration

Social media will be your best friend with this holiday. Social media actually revived this holiday after it lost its popularity. When you post make sure to use the hashtag #Nationalbestfriendday. Start early and highlight what a great gift your products would make.

June 18: National Go Fishing Day

This holiday encourages people to take a break from their busy lives and go fishing. Many find fishing a meditative activity. Those who aren’t able to go fishing on this day usually treat themselves to a fish dinner.

Product Inspiration

Most people tend to go fishing early in the morning and it can get chilly. A long sleeve shirt is a perfect thing to wear in the early morning. You can make a silly design to celebrate this holiday on a variety of different styles of shirts.

guy standing in front of a green background wearing a white shirt that says "Let's Go Fishing for Tuna" with a tuna and fishing rods crossed under the fish

Marketing Inspiration

Facebook is probably your best bet for this holiday if you don’t already have a dedicated fishing audience. Facebook is full of fishing groups and potential customers may share your designs within those groups. Start early by posting images of your products and use #nationalgofishingday.

June 20: First Day of Summer

While people might not think of it as an official holiday, the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere is worth getting excited about. Sunshine, beaches, and icy treats are just a few design ideas you can play with.

Product Inspiration

Help customers beat the heat with tank tops. You can put your summer-themed designs on them and then you’re done.

If you need some design ideas, check out our summer-themed Pinterest board.

Black woman wearing a white tank that has "Tropi Cool Vibes" in green, yellow, and red respectively with "Relax" underneath in yellow cursive

Marketing Inspiration

Luckily the summer lasts a long time and you can take advantage of that. Use both social media and emails to reach out to your audience.

Create fun summer-themed emails, like how customers can stay cool wearing your tank top. Make sure to highlight your products throughout the months of summer on social media.

June 21: International Yoga Day

Yoga has gained fast popularity all over the world and this holiday celebrates the practice. Yoga is used as exercise, relaxation, and is even supposed to help with chronic pain.

The idea of International Yoga Day was first proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. The first official International Yoga Day was celebrated in 2015 in India.

Product Inspiration

A tote bag is perfect for holding a yoga mat, water, and towel. Create interesting yoga-themed designs with either symbols associated with yoga or different yoga poses.

White tote bag in front of a mint green background with hands pressed together in front of a black and white Mandela background

Marketing Inspiration

Social media, Instagram especially, should be your focus for this holiday. Many people like to show off their yoga poses with stylized images. Show off your products in similar stylized images and use hashtags like #yoga, #meditation, #yogalife, and more.

calander with different June holidays