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May 6, 2022

June 2020 Print-On-Demand Trends

Can you believe we’re about to enter the summer? Another month means another trend report! Our June 2022 Print-On-Demand Trends Report is full of fun holidays, product ideas, and marketing inspiration.

Fun Holidays in June

June 6: National Yo-Yo Day

Yo-yos are a beloved childhood toy. Some people have even created a career out of yo-yoing by doing tricks for parties.

Yo-yos are fun because anyone can play with them. It takes time to master the basics, which means hours of entertainment. If a person wants to learn difficult tricks, there are plenty of resources for them to look at.

In 1985, the yo-yo was the first toy to go into space!

Product Inspiration

Use yo-yos to create interesting pieces of art. Yo-yos are colorful and their strings can create interesting lines within your design. Have fun with it! After all, yo-yos are full of fun!

Display your design on our framed art print! Our frames come in black, white, and walnut.

Framed Art Print Details

  • Features UV coated glass
  • Acrylic glass is 1/4 inches thick
  • Comes with our no wire hanging system
  • Frame prints have a depth of 0.75 inches
  • Prints come in both horizontal and vertical orientations
  • Printed on high-quality acid-free photo paper
Print of colorful yo-yos hanging on a pale blue wall

Marketing Inspiration

Choose social media as your marketing medium for yo-yo-themed products. You’ll surprise people as they scroll through their feeds with your delightful design.

Make sure you have good-quality images of your product and links to your store in obvious places within your post.

If you want to generate more eyes on your page, feel free to talk about the holiday before it arrives. Ask your audience if they were good at yo-yoing and if they know any tricks. When people interact with your posts, more people are likely to see them.

CTA Examples

We have new yo-yo-themed products, check them out now!

Feeling nostalgic about your childhood? Check out our products with a new yo-yo design!

June 12: National Red Rose Day

Did you know that roses are the birth flower for June? Not only that, but June seems to be the most popular month for weddings. So, it makes sense a day to honor the rose would be in June.

History says that roses came from China during the Han Dynasty. Though they were more similar to the Hibiscus flower than the modern rose. As the flower was bred with other flowers in different countries, the modern rose was born.

While this holiday specifically celebrates red roses, roses come in all different colors.

Product Inspiration

Because roses are so lovely to look at, any product would work with a design featuring them. A comforter would be great because it’s a usable product meaning customers may be more willing to purchase it.

While we’ve been talking about red roses, you’ll have a wider customer base if you offer different colored roses in your design. You could even have the same design in different colors.

Comforter Details

  • Made of soft microfiber
  • Designs are printed on the front of the comforter
  • The back of the comforter is white
  • Made of 100% polyester microfiber
  • Available in 3 sizes: Twin, Queen, and King
  • Machine washable
Bed with a red rose comforter

Marketing Inspiration

Focus on image-heavy social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok. Use ads to target people who are looking to decorate their homes. Use images that show what your comforter would look like in a bedroom. If customers can picture what the comforter would like in their home, they’re more likely to buy.

CTA Examples

Update your bedroom with our new rose comforter!

Roses are red, violets are blue, and we have a new product for you!

June 19: Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a chance to thank any male role models in your life. People will let dads have the day off from chores, host barbecues, or just let dad have his way for the day.

June 20: Ugliest Dog Day

This sounds like a mean holiday, but it’s not supposed to be. Instead, it’s a celebration of dogs that people would call ugly.

Of course, to their parents, they’re the cutest.

Yearly, it becomes an internet contest to see who is most facially challenged and can get love from all around the world. There’s also a contest held in Petaluma, California to decide the “ugliest” dog. Whoever wins gets around $1600!

Product Inspiration

Use this holiday as an opportunity to play with how a dog is supposed to look. You can be more creative with limb proportions or have the dogs make silly faces. Then put your design on our pet beds! We have indoor and outdoor versions.

Pet Bed Details

  • The outdoor version is made of water-resistant polyester
  • The bottom of the outdoor bed is black
  • The indoor version is made of soft fleece
  • The bottom of the indoor bed is brown
  • The cover features a zipper to make it easier to take off
  • Insert included
  • Machine washable
Golden lab sitting on a white pet bed with yellow, blue, and pink paw prints all over it

Marketing Inspiration

Choose social media platforms where things trend easily like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Because people will be looking for pictures of dogs, this holiday is sure to start trending fast. With clear images, you’ll catch your audience’s attention.

Use hashtags like #worldsugliestdog, #uglydogday, and other similar phrases to get people from outside of your audience to look at your post.

CTA Examples

How can even the ugliest dogs be so darn cute! Check out our new dog-themed products!

Celebrate your dog, ugly or not, on Ugliest Dog Day!

June 21: National Seashell Day

Celebrate the beginning of summer by going to the beach and collecting some pretty seashells. You can find so many different types by walking along the shoreline.

Just make sure there aren’t any sea creatures living inside them. If there is one, just put it back near the water.

National Seashell Day was created by Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau in 2016. It was a way to encourage tourists to come to Florida.

Product Idea

Have your customers stand on the beach every day with our comfortable bath mat! Use imagery of seashells on the beach, so customers can look down and pretend they’re on vacation.

In fact, you could create a whole bathroom collection that’s inspired by the beach and seashells. You can promote it as a collection so customers buy all your products.

Bath Mat Details

  • Come in two sizes 24X17 and 34X21 inches
  • Soft and plush fuzzy microfiber surface
  • Memory foam cushioning
  • Skid-proof backing
  • Machine wash on gentle cycle, hang dry
bathmat with a beach scene laying on a bathroom floor

Marketing Idea

Create an email campaign all about the holiday and going on vacation! Then make a few emails about how to feel like you’re on vacation at home with your products. Make sure to include plenty of pictures featuring your product or how a bathroom can look with an entire collection, should you choose to do that.

Also, post plenty of pictures on Instagram to catch the attention of home decorators.

CTA Examples

Go to the beach while staying home with our seashell-themed bathroom collection!

Keep your feet warm with our new seashell-themed bath mat!

June 23: National Pink Day

This is a holiday to celebrate the color pink. Pink comes in many shades and is a very popular color. It’s usually connected to femininity, softness, and romance.

Product Idea

Honestly, you can choose any product for this holiday, as long as it features something pink. A great choice is our iPhone and Android phone cases!

Phone cases are fun and practical, making them perfect for impulse purchases. You can choose any design you want, just make sure that the color pink is prominently featured.

Phone Case Details

  • Comes in 3 different styles: slim case, tough case, and flexi case
  • The slim case can fit in your pocket
  • The slim case is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material
  • The tough case has a dual-layer case
  • The tough case inner layer has a TPU liner
  • The tough case outer layer is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material
  • The flexi case has clear sides to show the phone’s original color
  • The flexi case is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material
  • All phones cases feature clear and open ports for charging cables
Pink cell phone case with a tropical pattern

Marketing Inspiration

Social media is great for this holiday because it’s silly. People will share any posts about it with people they know who love pink. Make a lot of posts about this holiday to build the excitement for the holiday and your products.

Make sure to include clear images of your product and links to your store. You want to make purchasing your product as easy as possible.

CTA Examples

Every day we wear pink! Check out our new pink products!

National Pink Day is coming, are you ready?

Here’s to the Start of Summer!

Along with our June 2022 Print-On-Demand Trends Report, summer is here! Remember that warmer temperatures mean that people are looking for ways to keep cool and are going on vacations. Think about what products can help them and how to sell your products through smart marketing.

See you in July!