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July 15, 2023

August is here, and with it comes a bunch of special days to celebrate and capitalize on. It’s essential to stay ahead of the trends and align your offerings with popular occasions.

In this August POD Trends Report, we’ll explore the upcoming special days and provide you with actionable tips on what to sell and how to boost your sales.

Special Days in August

Special Days that can boost your sales in August

What to Sell in August?

American Family Day (August 1) & Senior Citizens Day (August 21)

During American Family Day and Senior Citizens Day, people gather to celebrate with their loved ones. This presents an excellent opportunity to sell items that enhance their experience.

Consider offering products such as T-shirts with family-themed printing, picnic essentials like tablecloths and table runners, blankets for cozy get-togethers, and kitchenware that serve in the gatherings.

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International Beer Day (August 4), National Potato Day (August 19), National Marshmallow Toasting Day (August 30)

Food-related celebrations like International Beer Day, National Potato Day, and National Marshmallow Toasting Day provide an ideal chance to offer items with food printing.

Consider selling T-shirts, lawn signs, mugs, and other merchandise featuring beer, potatoes, and marshmallows. This creative approach allows your customers to showcase their love for these treats.

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Book Lovers Day (August 9)

Book Lovers Day is a time to embrace the world of literature and honor readers. Capture the attention of bookworms by offering products that resonate with their passion.

T-shirts, wall art, and tapestries featuring book and book-lover quotes are excellent choices. These items allow them to showcase their love for reading and create a cozy environment for their favorite pastime.

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Lazy Day (August 10)

Lazy Day encourages people to slow down and enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. It’s the perfect time to offer products that celebrate comfort.

Consider printing quotes for relaxed individuals on T-shirts, tumblers, and blankets. These items will resonate with those who appreciate the art of doing nothing and provide them with a sense of humor and relaxation.

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Cheers to a successful August full of celebrations and sales with our August POD Trends Report. LAUNCH YOUR CAMPAIGN now!