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February 17, 2021

April showers bring May flowers! April is the time of year when the weather begins to warm up and spring flowers are blooming everywhere. Easter is the main holiday focus for most businesses, but there are other opportunities for online sales all month long! Look at all these other potentials April trends for your campaigns.

Take Advantage of These April Trends!

April Fool’s Day

The first day of April has long been a day of jokes and pranks. Its origins are debatable, but some say the tradition of foolery began as early as 1592. Whatever the reason, as many as 64% of American’s surveyed report they plan to play a prank on April Fool’s Day. As you think about opportunities for your eCommerce business, consider targeting this zany holiday.

Product Inspiration

White t-shirts and tank tops are a popular product for this holiday as we start to think about warmer weather. Text-based designs work well. Some ideas for your April Fool’s Day designs are:

  • I love my {job/person/pet}. April Fools!
  • Original April Fool
  • Happy April Fools
  • Trust No One
  • Keep Calm and {prank/joke/fool} on

Other concepts you can include in your design are upside down or sideways text or create an April Fool’s Day survival guide.

Man wearing a white t-shirt facing away from the camera, on his shirt is a cartoon kick me note that looks taped to the shirt

Marketing Inspiration

One of the best ways to market a new design or campaign is through email marketing. Customers who’ve had a positive experience with your store before are more likely to check out new products and designs. Create inviting subject lines for the best open rates.

Subject line ideas:

Don’t be a fool! Shop fun April Fools tees here!

Be the original April Fool with this fun tee!

April Fools tees are here!

April Fools t-shirts available. Limited time offer.

Keep calm and shop!

April 11th: National Pet Day

All furry and not-so furry friends are celebrated on National Pet Day. Pets not only steal the hearts of millions but are good for overall cardiovascular health by lowering cortisol, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

2020 saw record numbers in pet adoptions. That’s definitely something to celebrate! Help customers dote on their pets with awesome designs about how much they love their furbabies.                                                          

Product Inspiration

Posters are a popular product and pet owners love including their pets as part of their home décor. Find fun and whimsical ways to help your customers decorate. We have a few ideas to get you started:

  • The {pet} and its staff reside here.
  • Live, Love, {woof/meow}
  • This is my happy face {bulldog image}
  • Vintage animal art
  • It’s not a home without {pet}
  • Keep Calm unless you have a {pet}, then {action}!
Wall art with a light blue background with "No Bad Days." at the top and the image of a blonde person holding a cat and dog close to them

Marketing Inspiration

If your target audience loves their pets, consider cross-selling designs on other products as well. Mugs are especially popular. Customers love designs that show off their love of animals.

An easy way to cross-sell is to show off related items during the checkout process. They may not know you have other designs or products available. Showcasing related items is a fantastic way to increase basket size at checkout.

Earth Day

Every year, people all over the world join together to create awareness about the health of the environment. There are serious concerns about climate change, and many are working towards permanent positive changes. People join group cleanup projects or find other ways to contribute to their local community for Earth Day.

Product Inspiration

People love to show their support for a cause by wearing appropriate apparel. On a day like Earth Day, people may be looking for a shirt to give out to those gathering for a community improvement project. White t-shirts are perfect for helping your Earth Day designs pop.

Woman wearing a white t-shirt with "Eco friendly" on it written in different shades of green

Marketing Inspiration

Show off your original designs on social media while showing support for a cause. Give your audience tips for going green or share a community project they can join. Customers love businesses that give back and support important causes.

Fill your spring campaigns with awesome new products and designs and you’re sure to see your sales soar. Don’t forget your Easter campaigns and check out a few other holidays during the month of April.

Calendar with different April holidays on it