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October 26, 2022

Thanksgiving Day Selling Guide

Thanksgiving is a holiday all about family, friends, and giving thanks. It’s a day when people come together to enjoy a delicious meal and share what they’re thankful for. For businesses, this Thanksgiving Day Selling Guide is an opportunity to show customers how much you appreciate their patronage.

Print-on-demand products are a great way to show your customers you care. Thanksgiving-themed shirts, mugs, and other items can be used to show your appreciation. And, with print-on-demand technology, you can order small quantities of prints so you don’t have to worry about overstocking.

Brief History of Thanksgiving

The first Thanksgiving was held in 1621 by the Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians. The Pilgrims had recently arrived from England and were celebrating a good harvest. The holiday continued to be celebrated by different groups of people, but it wasn’t until 1863 that President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

Why Sell Print-on-Demand Products for Thanksgiving?

There are several reasons why selling print-on-demand products is a great idea for Thanksgiving.

For one, print-on-demand products are a unique and personal way to show your customers you care. By giving them a Thanksgiving-themed product, you’re showing them that you’re thinking about them during this holiday season.

Thanksgiving Day Selling Guide

Another reason to sell print-on-demand products is that they’re a great way to promote your business. You can add your company logo or website address to the products, so customers will be reminded of your business every time they use them.

Finally, print-on-demand products are a great way to boost your sales during the holiday season. By selling print-on-demand products, your business will be placed in front of potential customers during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

Thanksgiving Day Print-on-Demand Products and Marketing Ideas

Several products are perfect for selling on Thanksgiving. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. T-shirts

You can never go wrong with a Thanksgiving-themed T-shirt. Create designs that feature turkeys, Pilgrims, or other holiday symbols. T-shirts are a great way to show off your brand and get people in the holiday spirit. Moreover, they have a low cost of production and can be sold at a higher price point than other products.

Thanksgiving Day Selling Guide

T-shirt details:

– Solid colors 100% Airlume combed and Ring-Spun cotton

-Athletic Heather 90% cotton, 10% polyester

-All products are made-to-order

-Products are printed only. No additional embellishments

-100% ethically sourced and eco-friendly

-All sizes available

Marketing Idea

To market your Thanksgiving T-shirts, create a social media campaign around the holiday. Use hashtags, post festive photos, and run ads that target people who are searching for Thanksgiving-related terms. Use several social media platforms to reach the widest audience possible. You can also partner with other businesses to cross-promote your products.

2. Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are a great way to spread holiday cheer and promote your business at the same time. Place Thanksgiving-themed signs in front of your store or office, or hand them out to customers to place in their yards. You can also use lawn signs to direct people to your website or social media accounts.

Lawn Sign

Lawn sign details:

– Sign size: 18”x 24”, 18”x 27”, “12x 18”

– Sign material: 4mm waterproof, lightweight corrugated plastic

– Printing: Double-sided

– The background color is white

– Includes metal H-stand stake

– Printed with UV-resistant ink

Marketing Idea

– Use eye-catching colors and designs to make your signs stand out.

– Place your signs in strategic locations, such as busy intersections or in front of competitor businesses.

– Hand out lawn signs to customers and encourage them to share photos of your signs on social media.

– Give discounts or coupons to customers who take photos of your signs and post them online.

3. Table Runner

A Thanksgiving table runner is a great way to add some holiday cheer to your home décor. Table runners also make great gifts for family and friends. While you can find table runners at most stores, consider getting a custom design. This will make your table runner unique and allow you to promote your brand.

Thanksgiving Day Selling Guide

Table runner details:

– Two fabric options: polyester twill and cotton twill

– Two sizes to choose from 16″X72″ and 16″X90″

– Machine washable

– Personalized with company logo or design

– Price: $15-$40

Marketing Idea

To market your Thanksgiving table runner, consider using social media. Take pictures of the table runner in use and post them on Instagram or Facebook. Use hashtags like #thanksgivingtablerunner or #customtablerunner to reach a wider audience. You can also promote your table runner on your website or blog. Give thanks to those who have supported your business by giving them a discount on their purchase.

4. Carded Jewelry

Carded jewelry is a great way to add some holiday cheer to your outfit. You can find Thanksgiving-themed jewelry at our stores, or you can get a custom design. This will make your jewelry unique and attract customers who are looking for something different. In addition, you can create brand awareness by commissioning a custom design. For example, you can have a custom Thanksgiving-themed pendant made with the company logo.

Thanksgiving Day Selling Guide

Carded jewelry details:

– Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets

– Thanksgiving-themed designs

– Has a Silver plate over zinc alloy for durability

– Nickel and lead-free

– Production Time: 3-5 days

Marketing Idea

To market your carded jewelry, you can create a social media campaign that asks customers to post pictures of themselves wearing the jewelry. You can also offer a discount for customers who post a picture and tag the company. In addition, you can create Thanksgiving-themed advertising that features the jewelry. This will attract customers who are looking for unique jewelry for the holiday.

5. Bath Mat

Having a bath mat isn’t just an aesthetic decision – it’s a safety measure. If you walk around with wet feet, you’re at risk of slipping and injuring yourself. Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends get together, so make sure your guests are safe by placing bath mats in front of all your sinks and showers.

GearLaunch Bathmat

Bath mat details:

– Come in two sizes: 24″X17″ and 34″X21″

– Soft and plush fuzzy microfiber surface

– Skid-proof backing

– All products are made to order

– Machine washable

Marketing Idea

To market bath mats, you can target people who are hosting Thanksgiving dinner. You can also target people who are looking for unique or festive bath mats. Try using phrases like “safety first” and “entertaining guests” in your marketing. You can also highlight the unique features of your bath mats, such as the material or the design. Social media is a great way to reach potential customers – you can use hashtags, post images, and run ads.

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