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Why are you still running your company?

A top GearLaunch Partner and industry thought leader, Will Schenk spends only 10% of his time on daily operations. We've invited him to share advice on what it takes to run a successful company with little grunt work.



Here's 103 ways to do it. Whether you're a first-timer searching for direction or an ecommerce veteran looking for fresh ideas, this ebook has something for you. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the many ways you can start selling more online and offline.


June shows its true colors in this Trends Report. We also cover influences from fashion week that are bound to make an appearance this month.

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May 2016 Trends Report GL.png

Here's a nifty trick to help you cash in on seasonal trends. In this edition, we'll show you how to use historical data to time your promotions and discount offers.

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This March will be all about getting together, whether its to celebrate or to stand up for a cause. Find out about the trends you absolutely can't miss out on.

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February is all about spreading the message of empowerment. Read this month's report for a new niche ideas as well as other big happenings later in the month.

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Trends Report December 2016

In this issue, we take things a little further than skin deep and cover all things health, beauty, and wellness. Check out some keywords that are bound to make it big in 2017.

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Trends Report November 2016

Instead of tackling all of the typical holiday trends, we're getting you ready for the big opportunities that happen right after. Plan ahead while everyone else remains focused on the typical holidays.

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We analyzed the top 100 performing campaigns published through GearLaunch to discover what it takes to become a hit. Download this report and see what our stats reveal.

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July is best known for Independence Day but there are plenty of marketing opportunities beyond July 4th. Time your campaigns accordingly to make big gains with these small holidays.

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As temperatures rise and consumers prepare to shop for summer apparel, you can stay ahead by stocking up on items they want. Can you guess which item is rising in demand? We've got your answer and more in this Trends Report for June.

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