Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a campaign show up in my storefront?

To place a campaign in your storefront, you will need to add the “storefront” tag. Add tags by navigating to your campaign in the seller interface tool and clicking on “Settings." Under Tags, click on “Add to storefront” and you’re done!

What does my campaign status mean?

OPEN = current, active campaign.
CLOSED = settling period (3 hours) before going into production.
PROCESSING = a very brief status that you may see before production.
PRODUCTION = purchased items begin the fulfillment process.
VOID = campaign has ended with no sales. When a campaign relaunches, it goes into OPEN again and the process starts over.

How long does it take for a campaign to go into production after it ends?

Once a campaign ends, it goes into the CLOSED status, which lasts 3 hours before going into PRODUCTION. This 3 hour delay is to ensure that any customers who are still on the checkout page can complete their purchase for that launch before it is sent to production.

Can I extend my campaign?

No. Your customers are provided with delivery estimates based on the end date of the original campaign launch. If you extend a campaign, customers who made a purchase will receive their order later than the estimate they were given.

How do I hide my campaign from Google and Pinterest?

On the campaign’s Settings page (under Cloak & Dagger) check “Hide from search engines.” If your campaign is already in Google and you would like to remove it, follow these helpful links:
Remove URLs Tool
Remove information from Google

What is a campaign tag?

Campaign tags are useful for a variety of reasons: 1) the “storefront” tag is used to add your campaign to your main storefront; 2) tags help you easily search for specific campaigns; 3) tags allow the GearLaunch team to quickly identify campaigns in order to fix issues, prioritize orders, etc.

To add a tag to your campaign, click on your campaign and navigate to the Settings section. Under Details, add your tag(s) to the text box shown.

Why don’t I see my campaigns?

If you do not see a specific campaign listed on your store’s Campaigns page, set your date range to All Time; the default is set to Today.

How do I delete a campaign?

To delete a campaign, your campaign status must be Void or New. You cannot delete a campaign if the status is Open, Processing, Closed, or Production. Locate your campaign and click on the Settings link. You will see a “delete campaign” button as shown below:

Campaign settings

Deleting your campaign is final, so please use this action carefully.
Note: If a campaign did not perform as expected, you can repurpose the campaign instead of deleting it. GearLaunch does not require Partners to delete unsold campaigns.

My campaign is “locked” - what does that mean?

Locking a campaign ends the current launch and does not allow you to relaunch the campaign. Only a GearLaunch admin may lock a campaign. If you have a question about a locked campaign, please send us a message: log into the seller interface and click on the “Help” button.

Can I create a charitable donation campaign?

No. GearLaunch Partners are not permitted to create campaigns that claim to donate to a charity. Please see our Charity Policy.


What printing method do you use to print my designs?

GearLaunch uses two different printing processes: Screen printing and direct to garment (DTG). We automatically choose a printing method based on number of colors and number of orders per campaign.

Because screen printing involves a one-time setup cost, it is used for larger orders. This is the economy of scale part of printing on garments.

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is more cost efficient for small order batches and for designs with a large range of colors.

Should I create my design in RGB or CMYK color?

Always create designs using CMYK color. Commercial printing (from apparel to posters etc.) uses the CMYK color space. CMYK is effectively a subset of the RGB color space and not all colors in RGB can be reproduced in CMYK. Here is a chart to help you convert your designs from RGB to CMYK.

Can I use transparencies on my designs?

No. Our printers will reject artwork with transparencies because it does not translate well to printing on apparel. Turn off anti-aliasing as this will cause the color counter to over count colors.

How many colors can I use in my design?

As many as you want, as long as they are in the CMYK color space! We generally recommend using 1-3 colors for designs that you want screen printed. Just remember that additional colors affects your profit. Our system counts the colors in your artwork when it is uploaded to a campaign. We have a dialog that shows a list of the colors and their hex codes as well as the x, y location of the first color pixel.

How can I get a sample of my design?

The easiest way to receive a sample is to do one of the following:

A) Create a new campaign with your design. Do not add the “storefront” tag. Set your profit to $0 and purchase an item. You will only pay the base cost of the item and shipping.

B) Make yourself a promo code that discounts your profit on that campaign. Purchase an item by using your promo code. Append pr=CODE to the end of the url when you visit the campaign. You will only pay the base cost of the item and shipping.

My design printed over a hoodie pocket, what do I do?

If you are creating a design for the front of a hoodie, we recommend that your design’s pixel width over height should be equal to or greater than .80. This will help ensure that your design will print correctly on a hoodie. If your design does not fit within that aspect ratio, you will see a warning message at the top of the designer.

I would like to use the mockups in my ads, but they have a white background. How can I remove it?

Use a program such as SnagIt, PhotoShop or Affinity Photo that has a magic wand and allows you to select and remove just the white background.

Why do I see an error message about my artwork resolution when I try to launch a campaign?

If you see this error message:

If you’re receiving an error about your artwork DPI, it means that you will need to increase the quality of your design. In order to be printed, your artwork must be a high quality image over 120 DPI. Here are our recommended design criteria when creating artwork for your campaigns:

  • 120 DPI
  • 4500 pixels width by 9400 pixels height
  • PNG file type
  • CMYK color space
  • Do not use transparencies
  • Turn off anti-aliasing

What is your design theft policy and how do I report a stolen design?

GearLaunch takes design theft and IP (intellectual property) claims seriously. Please review our policy for information on how to report a stolen design.


How does profit work?

The more items you sell in a launch, the more you make in profit. Profit is based on the number of items sold, number of colors and type of product. We provide a Profit Estimator which can be found by clicking on the Profit @ 50 sold link within each campaign design page in the seller application.

Why isn’t my profit higher?

The first step is to check the pricing you set for the products in your campaign. Click on the Profit @ 50 sold link to see a graph of your profit. Once you get past the first ~10 items, profit increases quite a bit. This is because orders less than about ~10 items are printed with DTG.


How do I receive my payout?

Receiving your profit payouts on GearLaunch is easy! We process payouts via Payoneer, PayPal, and wire transfers. Find more information on how to set up your accounts by visiting the Payout Guide.

Can I split my payouts over different platforms?

Yes, but you must include very specific instructions and complete information within your Payout Instructions box.

I have linked my Payoneer account to my store, but this week I need a payout using a wire transfer. What happens if I click Request Payout?

If you want your payout over a wire transfer, you must include very specific instructions in the Payout Instructions box, including your wire transfer account information.

Do I need to wait to request my payout?

There are no multi-day waiting periods before processing your payout. You will need to wait for your campaign to go into Production before funds from that campaign will become available in a payout.

Are there restrictions on how much I can request as a payout?

No, there are no restrictions on the maximum amount you can request at one time.

Do I need to request a payout on each of my GearLaunch stores?

Yes. If you have multiple stores on GearLaunch, you will need to request your payout within each store.


How are returns handled? Do customer returns come out of my pocket?

GearLaunch handles all returns and exchanges.

Customers are allowed to change or cancel their order while a campaign is in the OPEN status. If a customer cancels their order before the campaign goes into production, the profit is not added to your payout balance.

If a customer cancels an order after production or makes a return/exchange, GearLaunch does not take the cost from your profit.


My customer contacted me about their order, what do I do?

Please send us a message by logging into the seller interface and clicking on “? Help” in the upper right corner of the screen. Include the customer name, order number, and email so we can contact them.

How quickly do you respond to customers?

Our goal is to ensure your customers are happy and 100% satisfied with their purchases. We respond to customer emails as quickly as possible. We are available via phone and email Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm PST.


How do I set up Google Analytics?

We have integrated Google Tag Manager to provide you with the most flexibility in setting up Google Analytics tracking on your website.

Visit to set up a Google Tag Manager code. Copy that code and visit your store’s settings page. Under Google Tag Manager, paste this code. Don’t forget to publish your GTM account when you are ready or it may cause errors on your campaign and storefront.

Learn more about setting up Google Analytics within Google Tag Manager by visiting Google’s Analytics Help page.

We have written a handy guide for Partners interested in setting up Google Tag Manager in their GearLaunch stores.

How do I use Facebook pixels in my GearLanch store?

Tracking your Facebook ad data is easy on GearLaunch. Head to your Store Settings page to add your pixel. You have the option of using either a store pixel OR a campaign pixel on GearLaunch. A store pixel will track all campaigns within your store, and a campaign pixel will only track the specified campaign and will override the store pixel. Here’s more information about pixels from Facebook.

Why isn’t my Facebook pixel working?

First, check to make sure you are not using both the “new” and “old” Facebook pixels. We recommend that you use the new Facebook pixel because the “old” pixel system is being discontinued. Facebook’s support center has a helpful article here.


How do I add a store manager?

In order to add a store manager, you first need to visit your Store Settings page. Under the Team section, click on the “Add team member” button. Type in your team member’s email address and click save. When your team member loads the seller interface, they will immediately have access to your store.

Note: If you have multiple stores, you will need to repeat this process for each store.

How do I hide my store on Google and Pinterest?

In the store settings check “Hide store homepage from search engines.” If your store is already in Google and you would like to remove it, follow these helpful links.

Remove URLs Tool Remove information from Google

Can I add SSL to my storefront?

Customer checkout pages have SSL to ensure a secure checkout experience. We are exploring the ability to add similar functionality across GearLaunch storefronts in the future.

What browsers do you support?

You can use the GearLaunch seller interface in Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE and mobile browsers. For the best experience, we recommend that you use the latest version of Chrome for (desktop or mobile browser).


Why am I seeing 10 orders but only 9 items?

This means that an item was cancelled from an order. We don’t remove the order, even if it has zero items, because we still want to track that a purchase was made.

My customer sees an error message during checkout with the text: “Your card does not support this type of purchase.”

This message is verbatim from our credit card processor, Stripe. Here is the best information on why that message occurs.

When are customers charged for their orders?

On the GearLaunch platform, customers are charged for their orders immediately during the checkout process.

What is the minimum number of items I need to sell?

There are no minimum orders, no waiting period for charges, and no minimum goals.


What domain registrar should I use?

Please register a domain with NameCheap, GoDaddy, or Cloudfare. If you have any other domains you’d like to use, please reach out to us!

How do I add a new domain/store on GearLaunch?

When you’re ready to set up a new domain, please send us a message by logging into the seller interface and clicking on “? Help” in the upper right corner of the screen. We will need your domain registrar (such as one of the ones mentioned above), username, and password to set up your new domain on GearLaunch.


How will customers see the Shopping Cart feature?

Shopping Cart will improve your product landing pages and will provide an additional cart view for your buyers.

For product landing pages:

  • Instead of “Buy it now,” your customers will have the option of adding the item to their cart.
  • Quantity and size selection now occur directly on the campaign page.

For additional cart view:

  • Customers can view their cart by clicking the cart icon at the top right of the store’s header.
  • In the new view, they will see a list of items they’ve added, including the size and quantity.
  • From this view, customers can also adjust the quantity or remove items altogether.

How is shipping calculated for orders with multiple campaigns?

Shipping cost calculations will remain the same for orders that contain only one campaign. Orders containing more than one item or one campaign will qualify for discounts. This also applies to international orders. Please refer to the tables below for specific pricing.

US-based shipping: International Shipping:

How will customers know the status of a campaign, order, or delivery?

All product pages will continue to display the campaign countdown as well as shipping expectations.

Because customers can purchase from multiple campaigns regardless of campaign end dates, the order confirmation page and order update emails will break out delivery times according to each item. The item status, delivery date, and delivery tracking code will also be included for every item in the order.

How will customers know the status of a campaign, order, or delivery?

Promotions will remain unaffected and will only apply to the specific campaign of your choosing. Please note that because promotions, specifically free shipping, remain unchanged and will impact your profit margins regardless of order size.

Which upsell will you feature in orders with more than one campaign?

Upsells will continue to feature only one campaign. When two items in an order have the Upsell feature enabled, we will show the upsell for the item that was first added to the cart. We are currently working to improve Upsell capabilities to feature more products.

How will multiple campaigns in an order be counted?

Store and campaign data will now be more granular since orders can contain more than one campaign. When a customer completes an order for all the items in a cart, the transaction will count as a singular order regardless of the number of campaigns involved. On your store dashboard, this transaction is reflected as one additional order in the store. In the individual campaign statistics, the number of campaigns from the transaction will be displayed.

How will advertising be attributed in my Campaign Advertising stats?

When an ad link results in an order, all campaigns from that order will be attributed to that link.

How will abandoned cart emails work?

Customers will still receive the first abandoned cart email if they reach the checkout page and enter their email address but do not complete the order. The email will contain all campaigns that were in the customer’s cart. If the customer makes any changes to their cart, but still does not complete the order, they will receive the same abandoned cart email with their changed cart.

If the customer does not make a purchase after receiving the first abandoned cart email, they will receive a second abandoned cart email on the day when a campaign that is in their cart is ending. That email will contain just the single campaign that is ending.

We will add additional logic to related designs to look for common tags among the campaigns in the order for prioritization.


How do I join The GearLaunch Partner Loyalty Program?

Enrollment into The GearLaunch Partner Loyalty Program is automatic upon qualification. When a Partner’s sales volume hits a level minimum, their status upgrades in the current quarter and will extend through to the next quarter.

How much time do I have to qualify for the program?

Enrollment happens at the beginning of every new calendar quarter. To clarify, that means we check our system for every Partner’s total sales volume from the most recent quarter to determine qualification:

  • Quarter 1 2017 (Q1): January 1 - March 31
  • Quarter 2 2017 (Q2): April 1 - June 30
  • Quarter 3 2017 (Q3): July 1 - September 30
  • Quarter 3 2017 (Q4): October 1 - December 31

How long does my loyalty status last?

Your status is effective immediately upon qualification and carries through to the next quarter. To retain this preferred status after the quarter in which you qualify and the quarter immediately following, you must maintain a minimum quarterly sales volume for a given level. For example, if you qualify for Level 1 on February 15, 2017, that loyalty status will extend through June 30, 2017. However, you would need to sell a minimum of 5,000 units to continue having the status after June 30, 2017.

What items will count toward the sales volume minimum?

All merchandise offered in GearLaunch’s inventory qualifies for inclusion in your total sales volume.