How It Works


Step 1

Design Your Merchandise


Whether you're a Shopify merchant or a GearLaunch Partner, designing your next big hit is easy. Upload artwork to the design suite, choose from our wide product selection, and your new item is good to go!

Step 2

Customize Your Store

Gearlaunch image V3.jpg

GearLaunch stores are ready for business as-is, but we leave many branding options open to customization. Take the reins of your own brand with GearLaunch.

(Shopify sellers, you're already a step ahead! Check out what happens next in step 3.)

Step 3

We Handle the Orders, Logistics, and Customer Service For You

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This part is our specialty. Let us handle the behind-the-scenes details like production, shipping, and customer service. We believe your success is our success, and that means keeping your customers happy.

Step 4

Track and Analyze Your Sales


Easily identify key metrics, data, and sales information in your GearLaunch dashboard. With GearLaunch, getting paid is fast and easy with the simple click of a button. For Shopify Users, easily track the success of your GearLaunch products in the app tab from your Shopify admin.