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Private: Printed Jewelry

Jewelry is a classic choice for online purchases, which makes it a perfect product for stores to carry. Our new print-on-demand printed jewelry is a little different than the rest, our’s give the opportunity to show designs instead of plain metal! That means they can be anything!

According to Statista, jewelry sales will only continue to climb. By 2027, the jewelry market will be close to 60 billion dollars!

Graph showing jewelry sales in 2019-2020

Product Details

  • Includes necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and ornaments
  • Necklaces and bracelets come in silver and gold
  • Keychains and ornaments come in silver
  • The necklaces and bracelets have round pendants
  • Keychains and ornaments are square/rectangle

Different Reasons Customers Will Buy Printed Jewelry

There are so many reasons your customers will buy this new printed jewelry!


Jewelry is in the top three gift items for people of all ages. Customers can buy them as Valentine’s Day, anniversary, Christmas, and other holiday gifts for their loved ones.

Seasonal Jewelry

Create seasonal designs for your customers to wear during the holidays. It’s hard to find holiday-themed jewelry that isn’t too costume-looking. You can fill in this gap for adults who want to be festive but still professional. You can create designs for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and more!

Wearable Art

Maybe you haven’t been able to experiment too much with your designs because they wouldn’t look right on other products. That’s not the case with this jewelry! You can go wild with your designs and it will look good because jewelry can be anything.

Create wearable works of art that your customers will be proud to wear.

Marketing Inspiration

Jewelry is timeless, which makes it easy to market. Make sure you have good-quality images that capture your design and the shine of the jewelry.

Make sure to post on all of your social media platforms when jewelry-giving holidays are coming up.

If you’ve never had jewelry in your store before, create an email campaign counting down days until the jewelry goes live. That will build excitement among your customers.

Examples of Good Calls to Action

We have a brand new jewelry collection, check it out!

Need a gift idea? Check out our jewelry collection!

# of days left until our (theme) jewelry collection goes live!