December 12, 2022


GearLaunch is excited to announce our new seller reward program! Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn extra cash!. In order to give you better support, GearLaunch would like to send you the following notes about this program:

Basic benefits:

- Level up to GOLD TIER for all new sellers on Platform.

- Level up to PLATINUM TIER for all new sellers on Shopify.

- Get monthly bonuses directly from GearLaunch. The detailed bonus level shown below is from $0.2-$0.4/ Unit.

- All units shipped are counted (Excluding Cancel & Refund).

- There is no limit to the amount received. More sales – more $$.

- GearLaunch tracks sales, announcements, payments before the 15th of every month (Not cumulative).

- Additional programs to increase Seller's benefits in the near future (Accumulate points, gifts, etc.)

- Units from offending campaigns will not be counted

This program is only applicable to PLATFORM & SHOPIFY

As always, our dedicated team is always willing to answer your questions and assist you in any issues related to orders. Contact us at!

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