A Faster, better, stronger platform

At a time when many in the ecommerce space chose to focus on the glitz and glamour of novel products and features, GearLaunch chose to differentiate ourselves through quality, reliability, and transparency. We chose a path that required doubling down on the fundamentals of long-term growth. And while it's a path less travelled, the results have been more than worthwhile. Check it out!

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Over the past 6 months, we've increased mobile and desktop site performance by 46% and 24%, respectively.

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By enhancing the customer experience, improving promotions and cross-sells, and growing our product selection, we've increased the Average Order Value by more than 17%.


We've moved to a more structured process with platform changes grouped into a single release per week. This ensures we stay hyper focused on each week's set of updates, ensuring minimal risks to the platform and operations.

We take a data driven approach to every major decision. Using A/B testing tools, we're able to understand the impact of variable changes on real customers.

For larger initiatives such as Email Marketing and Store Search, we take a phased approach to the finish line. This means we release the feature to a limited set of Partners, then use their feedback to improve and ensure we’re adding maximum value to all parties.

During our moratorium in the final quarter, we're taking major steps to improve technical inefficiencies within our core product. This will improve site speeds, further stablilize checkout pages, increase security, and ultimately set us up for faster feature releases next year.

The GearLaunch platform is now, more than ever, primed for stability and profit maximization thanks to several major process improvements.


To achieve higher conversion rates, we need to first understand the consumer behaviors that lead to a purchase. That's why we've implemented more robust tracking parameters to our Google Analytics.

We meant it when we said our work is tailored to Partner needs. Our team regularly conducts deep dives with a number of Partners on campaign analytics to optimize ad spend.

Converstion rate optimization is never a "one and done" at GearLaunch. We've already prioritized dozens more experiments for the coming year to drive higher Partner ROI.

We've taken countless measures to ensure high conversion rates for our Partners. Check out the major initiatives!



Our foray into email marketing has delivered promising initial results – conversion rates are nearly 2x better than industry standards.

For all Partners interested in our beta email marketing program as we continue improvements, please contact us for participation details.



While our first and foremost goal for 2017 was to build the foundations for long-term growth, we never failed to listen to our Partners and their customers. It's imperative we build a platform that sets every Partner up for success, and nothing represents that as loudly and proudly as the features we've added. 


Partner-side Enhancements

Improvements to both Google and Facebook product feeds

Bulk Edit (launch, end, delete, tag) for efficient campaign operations

Artwork Independence gives Partners more creative freedom to stretch and position artwork differently when adding the same design to different products

Refreshed Payouts Interface to ensure accurate payout submissions

WalkMe helps new and experienced Partners find answers quickly

More campaign statistics give Partners better insights into upsell and order success, or lack thereof

Partial Payouts give Partners more freedom into when, how, and how much they get paid

Buyer-side Enhancements

More promotion types to drive larger Average Order Value: "Free Shipping" and "Free Shipping Over $x"

In place or drop-down menus, product thumbnails on buy pages quickly show visitors every product available in a campaign

Storefront pagination to improve site speed and customer navigation

Add to Cart option from the storefront decreases the number of clicks to checkout and increases conversion rates

Custom shipping rates to keep cost of lighter items low

Breadcrumbs on product pages to keep customers browsing the storefront instead of returning to Facebook

Personalized 404 Pages with your store menu, support links, and shopping cart to help customers who have followed an invalid link find their way back to other products they may find interesting

Buyer payment fields that emphasize "required fields" more prominently to  reduce cart bounce

Automatic SSL for all stores to establish customer trust

Site search for easier search and discovery

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Happy New Year

Our team has many accomplishments to be proud of this year, but we find ourselves most proud of every Partner that the GearLaunch platform has enabled. Our Partners are the heart and soul of GearLaunch, and nothing is more rewarding than their success. We can't wait welcome another successful year with you come 2018. Happy New Year!